Palia Keyed In Quest Walkthrough: How to Use the Pulsing Key

This is what you need to do after finding a Pulsing Key on your plot in Palia.

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As an MMO, there are myriad missions you can undertake in Palia, including those that start when you find a specific item. If you’re unsure what to do when you dig up a Pulsing Key at your house, here’s how to complete the Keyed In quest in Palia.

How to Complete The Keyed In Quest in Palia

Keyed In is a Found Item quest triggered by a Pulsing Key being discovered on your home plot as you tend to your garden. It begins by pointing you in the direction of Jina, your resident expert on old things. You can find her at Mirror Pond Ruins or in the library at various times of the day if she isn’t walking with Hekla.

Jina will tell you that the Pulsing Key isn’t actually a key, but a Flow bomb called the Unstable Unlocker. To disarm it you’ll need to learn more about who previously lived on your land. You can spend your time talking to all the residents of Kilima Village, but the three you want to speak with to progress the mission are:

  • Ashura
  • Elouisa
  • Eshe

All three recall that a Majiri named Florentine was the prior tenant. He was fascinated with inventing things and always traveled with his Palcat. Eshe reveals you’ll need to know a specific phrase in order to disarm the key, though she doesn’t know what that is.

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What’s the Pulsing Key Disarm Phrase?

After speaking with the three villagers, return to Jina. She’s learned that the phrase you need is the name of Florentine’s pet. Thankfully, Ashura gave you that information. One-eyed Sheremy is the correct answer, memorable due to the fact that the Palcat had both its eyes. Even if you select an incorrect option, you’ll discover that the bomb is a dud and nothing happens.

After successfully rendering the device inert Jina declares that she’s keeping it. She’ll give you the Emberborn Hanging Lamp customization item in exchange for a job well done and the quest is finished.

That’s how to complete the Keyed In found item quest in Palia. While the Pulsing Key doesn’t lead to any new locations, it does give more background about the town. For more quest walkthroughs, such as getting through the Temple of Flames or how to find a Shepp, check out our guides library for assistance.

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