Palia: How to Find Prismbeard’s Treasure

Prismbeard left his legacy and his treasure behind in Palia.

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You may have wandered around Bahari Bay in Palia and seen some of the statues in the ruins throughout. Touching one triggers a book to be revealed about Prismbeard, a Grimalkin adventurer who traveled through the Kilima and Bahari regions. Finding all four of his journals leads you to his treasure, which contains decor items for your home. Here’s how to find Prismbeard’s Treasure in Palia.

How to Find Prismbeard’s Treasure in Palia

Starting Statue Location

While you can find Prismbeard’s voyage journals in any order, the story makes the most sense when starting from the beginning. To find the very first statue and book, you want to head to Proudhorn Pass. You’ll find the statue on a cliff edge right near the entrance to the small cave in the river. If you haven’t checked out the cave before, there’s a regular treasure chest sitting in there as well.

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Interact with the statue to have a red book appear. The journal you find at this location is titled “In Spring, Comes Summer” and chronicles the voyages of Prismbeard. Each journal entry is pretty lengthy, so you’ll need to read them for yourself, but you’ll come to learn more about the Grimalkin pirate’s exploits through each edition.

Reading the entry doesn’t create a quest entry in your journal, however. As a hidden quest, you’ll need to keep track of what statues you’ve already found. You’ll also want to remember there is a treasure chest at the end of it all, in case you’re forgetful like me and didn’t realize you started hunting down these statues in the first place.

Statue Two Location

Next up is the entry “In Summer, Comes Fall” which you can find at a campsite along the hills between Windy Ruins and Hideaway Bluffs. This statue is pretty easy to come across while just walking through the hilled area on the north side of those cliffs.

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Statue Three Location

“In Fall, Comes Winter” can be found by heading north of The Outskirts stable sign towards the cliffs. This guy is tucked in between some ruin rubble and a rocky cliffside. You may find it easier to go past the base of the cliffs a ways then turn around and walk back the way you came. You’ll have a direct view of where the statue is located from this direction.

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Final Statue Location

The very last statue holds the journal titled “In Winter, Comes Spring.” It’s also the one with the treasure chest. Go the cliff area south of Flooded Steps to find the statue standing between two columns on the top of a hill. There’s white and gold stonework in front of the statue and you can see the long ruin of the Flooded Steps right behind it.

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You need to interact with the statue in order for the book, and the treasure chest, to appear. The final entry in Prismbeard’s voyage acts a thank you letter to the reader for taking the time to find all entries with the treasure as a sort of prize. Your reward is:

  • Starry Sea Wallpaper
  • Pirate Treasure Chest

That’s how to find Prismbeard’s treasure in Palia and complete the hidden quest. For more quest walkthroughs, such as completing Fishing for Answers or how to find a Shepp, take a look through our guide hub. We have a little bit of everything to help you in your Palia adventures.

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