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Palia: How to Catch Giant Goldfish

Looking for a Giant Goldfish? Here's how to find it in Palia.

Giant Goldfish is an epic rarity fish in Palia. A specimen is necessary to complete the Vault of the Waves. It’s one of the best ingredients for sashimi when using it to farm glow worms, reeling one in can be difficult. Here’s how to catch a Giant Goldfish in Palia.

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How to Catch Giant Goldfish in Palia

To find a Giant Goldfish, you need to cast your line in any pond at any time. You can find ponds at the following locations:

  • Home Plot
  • Behind Daiya Farm
  • Mirror Pond Ruins
  • Behind Hodari’s House
  • Hideaway Bluffs

A glow worm is the only bait you’ll be able to use to entice this scaled beauty to your line. You may need to send out bait many times before reeling one in, as it’s on the same level rarity as the Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish. If you only have a couple of glow worms or just want to save on them, you can tell what fish is hooked right before you click to reel it in. If you don’t have your target, let the fish swim away then bring the line in. This doesn’t cost you a worm so you can continue searching for the epic catch.

Hooking a Giant Goldfish is one thing, bringing it in is another. Have a fishing accessory and a bobber equipped. Slug back a mug of Fisherman’s Brew, eat a serving of Fish Stew, and find someone to give you a buff to make the task easier. It will fight, so make sure you keep it in the middle of the safe zone as much as possible.

That’s how to catch a Giant Goldfish in Palia. For general fish locations, where to find bugs, or what the latest round of Weekly Wants are, check out our guide vault.

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