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Palia: How to Farm Worms

Worms and Glow Worms are needed if you want to catch all the fish in Palia.

Worms and Glow Worms are the two types of bait you can use in Palia. They each catch a different variety of fish, recipes, and random items. They can also be sold when you have a surplus, adding a valuable source of income when they are up and running. Here’s how to farm Worms in Palia.

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How to Farm Worms in Palia

Each Worm Farm generates a varying number of bait depending on what was put into it. After an hour the food will turn into Worms and Fertilizer. If you’re going to be away from the game for awhile, it’s a good idea to put in large quantities of the same item, so you can come back to a big bait haul.

Worm Farm

To start farming Worms you’ll need to reach Fishing level 4. The Worm Farm recipe costs 500 gold to get and needs the following components to be built:

  • Sapwood Plank x12
  • Stone Brick x8
  • Copper Bar x4
  • Leather x8

Once you have the Worm Farm built and placed, you can start adding food to it. To get the most Worms out want to put in the following items:

  • Celebration Cake: 54 Worms
  • Apple Pie: 31 Worms
  • Chapaa Masala: 26 Worms
  • Blueberry Pie: 20 Worms

Celebration Cake, as well as fish and mushroom dishes, will have their outputs change depending on what item was used to make it. Apple Jam in a Celebration Cake has a higher output, same with grilled fish made with a rare fish instead of a common one.

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Worms sell for five gold each, meaning one output from Chapaa Masala gives you 130 gold worth of worms if you put all of them in your shipping bin.

Worm Farm Fertilizer

The Worm Farm can make two types of fertilizer depending on the food added:

  • HarvestBoost Fertilizer: Sells for 5 gold
  • QualityUp Fertilizer: Sells for 2 gold

QualityUp is the more common output of the two, with most of the items you add to the Worm Farm resulting in it. To get HarvestBoost Fertilizer you need to use any of the items below:

  • Apple: 8 units
  • Apple Jam: 12 units
  • Apple Pie: 31 units
  • Blueberry: 6 units
  • Blueberry Jam: 8 units
  • Blueberry Pie: 20 units
  • Celebration Cake: 54 units
  • Macaron: 8 units
  • Sweet Leaf: 3 units

Glow Worm Farm

The Glow Worm Farm is the advanced plan that creates the slightly magical Glow Worm bait. The most expensive fish can be caught with Glow Worms and many are needed to complete the Vault of Waves. You need to reach level 7 of Fishing to be able to purchase the Glow Worm Farm recipe from Einar for 2,000 gold. To build the crafter you must have:

  • Flow-Infused Plank x12
  • Stone Brick x8
  • Iron Bar x4
  • Leather x8

To get the most Glow Worms you want to use the following dishes:

  • Celebration Cake: 10 Glow Worms
  • Chapaa Masala: 5 Glow Worms
  • Sushi: Variable
  • Sashimi: Variable

Just like getting Worms, fish based dishes can give you a considerably different amount of Glow Worms depending on the fish used. While you’ll get the most Glow Worms from using Sushi, having a steady supply of Dari Cloves for it can be inefficient when it comes to time and cost. Sashimi is an easy to make dish that doesn’t require rare spices that still pumps out a large amount of bait. Sashimi using fish caught with Glow Worms will give you the most bait in return, the rarer the better.

I found I had a hard time keeping up with my need for Glow Worms until I had two farms going. Now I can fish without worrying about bait, and have enough to sell. They value at 25 gold a piece, so consistently putting in three Giant Goldfish Sashimi would net me 675 gold if I sold all the worms.

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Glow Worm Farm Fertilizer

Glow Worm Farms also have two possible fertilizers that can be crafted depending on what is put in.

  • HarvestBoost Fertilizer: Sells for 5 gold
  • SpeedyGro Fertilizer: Sells for 10 gold

SpeedyGro is the uncommon option, with it only being obtainable in this manner. You’ll need 25 SpeedyGro to complete one of Delaila’s friendship quests, so you may want to start stocking up if you haven’t completed it yet. To get it you want to put into the Glow Worm Farm:

  • Celebration Cake with all Apple Jam: 32 units
  • Apple Jam: 6 units
  • Blueberry Jam: 4 units
  • Apple: 4 units

That’s how to farm Worms and Glow Worms in Palia. Both are necessary to fish with, especially if you’re looking to complete an achievements or fulfill a number of weekly wants. If you’re looking for more help in game, such as where to find certain bugs, foraging resources, or how to romance a certain villager, check out our Palia guides library.

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