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Palia: How to Find Dari Cloves

Dari Cloves are an ingredient in multiple recipes in Palia.

Palia is filled with a variety of harvestable items, including the elusive Dari Cloves. It’s a difficult to find plant, even when you know where to look for it. The green plant has white, garlic like flowers and makes a chime sound when you walk near it like other Foraging plants. In this guide we’ll go over how to get Dari Cloves.

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How to Find Dari Cloves in Palia

Foraging Dari Cloves

Dari Cloves are an epic rarity foraging item found in Bahari Bay during both day and night. You’ll typically see them growing in the area west of the Ancient Aqueduct up into Flooded Steps. Typically you can find it out in the fields, but I have seen one when the open beta started up on the cliffs. Be sure to check areas with brush or other environmental plants as some foragables can spawn inside them, hiding their presence.

It seems, however, that the cloves may be bugged. No one has been able to find a single clove throughout all of Bahari Bay at any time of day or night. This hasn’t been confirmed by the Singularity 6 dev team so it could just be that Dari Cloves spawn rate is extremely low. Keep a look out on your server chat as some players have been putting in a location when they find one so everyone can gather it.

Buying Dari Cloves

Thankfully, there’s a second option to obtain the cooking spice. Once you hit level 10 in the Foraging Skill you’ll gain Skill Coins. These coins can be spent on exclusive items at the guild store by talking to Ashura. Dari Cloves are one of the items that can be purchased, costing 12 Skill Coins. While not the most cost effective way to get the item, it’s definitely the easiest.

Dari Cloves Use in Palia

Dari Cloves are used in Cooking, typically in higher complexity or rarity recipes. As a spice, it can be used in any recipe requiring it, but since it’s so rare it should be put aside for those that specifically call for it as an ingredient:

  • Chapaa Masala
  • Sushi

Chapaa Masala is one of the highest value dishes you can sell with a price tag of 120 gold. It gives you 550 Focus, which can fill up a whole bar in just one go. Sushi is a rare recipe that is necessary to complete the Vault of Waves Beach Bundle. It also has a high sell price coming in at 126 gold, but only grants 300 Focus.

That’s how to find Dari Cloves in Palia and what to do once you have them. Harvesting a plant will also put you one step closer to achieving the Kilima and Bahari Forage Collector accomplishment. If you’re wondering how to find other gatherable resources in Palia, check out our extensive guide collection. We have locations for mining nodes, bugs, and fish, along with a host of other walkthroughs.

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