Palia: How to Complete Echoes of the Unknown

Glider in hand, explore the ruins in Echoes of the Unknown in Palia.

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Exploring the first set of ruins in Palia happens during the quest Echoes of the Unknown. A remnant of Human civilization, the derelict buildings are a large clue to what may have happened to them. Finishing it furthers the main story and earns you bonus points with Jina. Here’s how to complete Echoes of the Unknown in Palia.

How to Complete Echoes of the Unknown in Palia

To start Echoes of the Unknown, you first need to finish Like a Bird and obtain your glider. Once you have it, head back to the ruins where you originally couldn’t pass. You’ll find Jina and Hekla waiting there for your return. Speaking with Jina will launch you on the path of detective as you try to figure out what the ruins are.

Glide over the chasm to a small square on the right side of the ruin. You won’t be able to make it over to a landing area on the left side due to it being too high. If you want to be daring, there’s a higher rock area where you can try to make it over a broken area of wall. I personally went with the right side since my gliding skills are questionable at best.

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When you step down, you can finally explore. Some interesting rocks with shining circles on them are notes left behind that give clues to what happened. Besides that, all you’ll find are locked doors and dead ends.

What you want to keep your eyes peeled for is a geyser like those found in Bahari Bay. Standing in the middle of it will trigger the water to bubble then burst forth like Ol’ Faithful. This will shoot you up to the next level of the ruin which is where the real action is.

How to Solve the Wall Puzzle

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The main focal point in the upper level is the wall puzzle, which is a sliding image puzzle. This image is meant to be a fish, sticking with the water motif throughout the ruin. Interacting with the puzzle will show you the actual scrambled image that you need to fix, versus the one shown in the picture below.

The open space will be located in the leftmost column in the third row down. To fix the image you need to do the following:

  • Move the block next to the space to the left.
  • Move the block to the right of the space to the left.
  • Move the third block from the left in the second row down.
  • Move the third block from the left in the first row down.
  • Move the rightmost block in the first row left.

This will complete the image and trigger a cut scene.

Vault of Waves

After the cutscene, Jina will mention that she’s seen a similar fish constellation or symbol near Hekla’s tent in the Mirror Pond Ruins area. If you’ve already done the Flothinger quest for Elouisa, you want to head to the same area you set the trap. If you haven’t, the entrance to this ruin is near the Family Farm up on a ridge that overlooks it before you really get into the Mirror Pond Ruins.

When you arrive, Jina will lead you in. Shocked at the changes, she points out that the ruins weren’t glowing before. Interacting with the glowing fish constellation pedestal brings up the larger constellation, which has the numbers one through four on it. This is known as the Vault of Waves. Similar to bundles requested by the Junimos in Stardew Valley, these are different item sets.

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Providing all the items in the set will grant you rewards. You can add items one at time as you get them or wait until you have all four for the set. I put them in as I find them so I don’t accidently use them or sell them, and it takes up less space in my storage.

Spooky Bundle (Left)

  • Garden Mantis
  • Vampire Crab
  • Mutated Angler
  • Void Ray


  • Tuning Fork x10
  • Minor Rod Health Booster
  • Major Rod Recovery Booster
  • Major Safe Zone Size Booster
  • Major Safe Zone Speed Booster
  • Major Hook Time Booster
  • Renown

Beach Bundle (Top Middle)

  • Green Pearl
  • Stripeshell Snail
  • Blue Marlin
  • Sushi


  • Bouillabaisse x1
  • Bouillabaisse Recipe

Freshwater Bundle (Bottom Middle)

  • Inky Dragonfly
  • Trout Dinner
  • HydratePro Fertilizer x5
  • Giant Goldfish


  • Worms x30
  • Glow Worms x30

Magic Bundle (Right)

  • Fisherman’s Brew
  • Enchanted Pupfish
  • Shimmerfin
  • Long Nosed Unicorn Fish

Rewards: Honey Lure

Speaking with Jina after interacting with the Vault ends the Echoes of the Unknown quest. Jina will be off to figure out how to get into other ruins around Kilima Valley or Bahari Bay, while you get to continue your journey.

That’s how to complete Echoes of the Unknown in Palia. If you need help planning the perfect garden, figuring out how to make leather or how to impress your chosen romance option, check out our growing Palia guides library.

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