Palia: How to Make Sushi

Sushi is needed for the Vault of Waves bundles in Palia.

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Sushi is a high selling food item with a range of perks in Palia. You need to jump through a couple hoops to unlock its recipe since it’s not sold by Reth. Its value, however, is worth the effort. Aside from selling it, Sushi grants focus, a fishing buff, and is needed to earn the Palia Chef Accomplishment. Here’s how to make Sushi in Palia, including how to make it.

How to Make Sushi in Palia

Sushi provides you 300 Focus per dish and sells for 126 gold. If it’s of Star quality, it sells for 229 gold and gives a giant 450 Focus. It also boosts your rod health for a short duration, similar to other fish based dishes you can cook. Along with granting a variety of benefits, it’s a needed item for the Vault of Waves Beach Bundle.

How to Unlock the Sushi Recipe

The Sushi recipe is a relatively rare find and one of the three you obtain by fishing them up. Appearing as a message in a bottle, this recipe can be found in any pond in Palia at any time:

  • Behind Family Farm
  • Mirror Pond Ruins
  • Pond on your home plot
  • Behind Hodari’s House
  • Hideaway Bluffs
  • Central Stables

When you’ve reached your pond of choice, you need to use Glow Worms as your bait. This is the hardest of the fish based recipes to obtain. The chance of getting it seems to be quite low, with some players needing over 60 Glow Worms to reel it in. I’ve already used well over 40 and still haven’t gotten it.

To prevent you from always using up your Glow Worms in a pond, you can use a little trick:

  1. When a fish bites the hook, you have a brief moment to see what it is.
  2. If it’s a fish, don’t reel in your line. Let the fish swim away, then bring your line back in. This saves your bait from being used.
  3. Recasting allows a new type of fish, recipe, or junk item to be caught. While it can be the same fish you saw before, there’s a good chance you’ll hook something new.

Once you get the recipe in a bottle, it will appear as a book in your inventory bar. Select the book and use the RMB to unlock the sushi recipe.

How to Cook Sushi

To prepare Sushi, you’ll need to have the following crafters built:

  • Prep Station x2
  • Stove
  • Mixing Station

You’ll also need the following ingredients:

  • Any Fish x1
  • Dari Cloves x 1
  • Heat Root x1
  • Vinegar x1
  • Rice x1
  • Sweet Leaf x1

That’s how to unlock and make Sushi in Palia. Thankfully you only need one serving of it to fulfill the Beach Bundle requirement. If you need other fish or dishes from the Vault of Waves bundles, be sure to take a gander at our guides. We have a full Fishing walkthrough, as well as where to find bugs, and how to get all recipes.

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