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Palia: How to Complete That Fishy Feeling

Here's how to complete the That Fishy Feeling quest from Eluoisa in Palia.

Elouisa is an unusual Majiri that collects bugs and fish as part of her paranormal researchin Palia. When going through her friendship quests, you may have gotten stuck at That Fishy Feeling. Needing to collect certain fish, finishing this task earns you Elouisa’s room key. Here’s how to complete That Fishy Feeling in Palia.

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How to Complete That Fishy Feeling in Palia

That Fishy Feeling begins as a Level 3 Friendship quest from Elouisa. Needing more data for her experiments, she asks you to bring her some fish this time around. Specifically, you need to catch five star quality uncommon fish before she can move forward.

Normally, getting a marine animal of better quality would also count towards a quest total. However, Elouisa is very particular on the rarity of scaled specimens you bring her. Only uncommon fish varieties will satisfy her scientific inquiries. These fish will have green backgrounds for their descriptions when hovering over the icon in your inventory or storage.

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To reel in Star Quality fish, you have to cast your line at fishing nodes. These are the rippling, bubble circles you can find in various watery areas. I like to call them bubble bullseyes since they guarantee a star fish. Make sure to fish when you’re ready, as the first bite you’ll need to reel in. Otherwise the marine life swims away and the node disappears.

When you’ve acquired the requested items, it’s time to deliver them to Elouisa. She’ll happily accept them and give you one Major Safe Zone Size Booster attachment in return. You’ll also earn 25 Renown. You’ll get her key in the mail the next day, along with a letter stating she wants to privately discuss her findings.

That’s how to complete That Fishy Feeling in Palia. If you’re having trouble with other friendship quests, need help giving the best presents to villagers, or want to know where to farm resources, take a look at our growing guide library.

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