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Palia: How to Get Renown

Renown is a special currency in Palia. Here's how to get it and how to use it.

Renown in Palia is similar to a form of currency based on the good acts you do throughout Kilima Valley. It’s a number connected to your reputation, awarded by doing things for villagers. It becomes incredibly important the more you play, and though my description of it sounds simple, it can be hard to understand. Here’s how to get Renown in Palia.

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How to Get Renown in Palia

There are multiple different ways to earn Renown in Pailia. Some of them are harder than others, while some potentially give more reputation than others. Here are the main ways to get Renown:

  • Complete quests.
  • Catch a star-quality fish for the first time.
  • Catch a star-quality bug for the first time.
  • Crafting something for the first time.
  • Give villagers presents.
  • Complete Achievements.
  • Leveling up skills.

Basically, anything you can talk about, any achievement you can share with the villagers, and any gifts you give them will increase your Renown. Completing quests will give you the most depending on the quest. Leveling up skills, catching star-quality fish and bugs, and giving presents will grant +5 Renown. Completing achievements depends on the level of the achievement, from bronze to gold and above.

Keep track of how much Renown you’re earning, however. You can view your total on your character page (C). You can keep earning, but the max you can have is 1,000. When you’re getting close, it’s safe to say you need to get rid of some.

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How to Use Renown in Palia

Since your Renown caps out at 1,000, you need to know how to spend it. There are three main ways to use Renown currently:

  • Commune at the Phoenix statue.
  • Commune at the Dragon statue.
  • Buy Writs of Expansion.

Communing at Statues

The Phoenix statue is where you first materialize in Palia. Communing with it costs 100 Renown and awards you an increase of 5% to your Focus bonus. You originally start with a 20% Focus bonus, which increases during a quest to 25%. After that, you can spend your renown to boost it even further.

The Dragon statue is in the middle of Kilima Valley cemetery. You can go through the small apothecary near the village then hang a left up a hill to get there. Or you can take the path in-between your home plot and the path to Bahari Bay. Either way, head to the massive dragon head with waterfalls behind it.

Communing at the Dragon statue is also a quest objective from Chayne. Completing it will increase your total Focus to 250. From then on, communing costs 100 Renown but will continue to increase your total Focus by 50. If you were wondering why some foods give over 400 Focus, this is why.

Buying Writs of Expansion

You may have noticed if you rearrange items on your plot using “H” that there are locked parcels next to your home. You can unlock these with Writs of Expansion, allowing you to build in those areas. To get a Writ, head to Town Hall and interact with the register that Kenyatta mans. They each cost 20 Renown to purchase, so if you have a lot saved, you can probably unlock the rest of the areas in one go.

That’s how to get Renown in Palia. While it’s mostly used to increase your plot and buff your focus, there may be other ways it’s used in the future as the game expands. If you need more help in Palia, like getting focus, finding new bugs to catch, or romancing a character, check out our guides hub.

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