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Palia: How to Find Palium Ore

Palium ore is a rare resource in Palia used to craft exquisite tools.

Palium ore is the rarest of the mining nodes currently found in Palia. Named after the land itself, it’s difficult to find but necessary for many crafting recipes. In this guide, I’ll tell you where to get it to help you save some time.

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Why You Should Mine Palium Ore

From upgrading your tools to Exquisite to building Moonstruck furniture, there are a variety of uses for Palium ore, including selling it for a decent sum should you have any left over. Just like other ores that are hard to mine, crafting one Palium Bar requires five pieces of ore to make. So you need to mine a good amount to be able to make some of those items.

Mining nodes come in the small, medium, and large varieties. Small looks like a low pile of small rocks. Medium looks like a stack of larger rocks with crystals poking out. And large nodes are much taller with crystals. You’ll need a Fine Pickaxe to mine any of them.

Where to Find Palium Ore in Palia

Palium ore shines with a blue-purple tint when looking for mining nodes. You can only find the nodes in Bahari Bay, and they can spawn in the same places that Iron does. I find that there’s typically a small to medium node on the cliff in front of Pascal Mine’s main entrance, as well as outside of Hassian’s Grove. Though the resource once regularly spawned in places like Hideaway Bluffs and the geysers around Proudhorn Pass, that’s no longer the case. So I don’t recommend looking there.

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Best Way to Farm Palium Ore

You should also pay attention to the server chat when exploring Bahari Bay. Not only is it common practice to shout out where Flow Trees are and ask for help, players often share Palium node locations. Each person that arrives gets one hit on the node, ensuring everyone gets loot. This works a lot easier with the magic trees since they heal and Palium doesn’t, but it’s still better than nothing.

It also takes the leg work out of hunting it down yourself. Aside from checking the frequent spawn areas myself, waiting until someone else finds a node is my favorite Palium farming method.

How to Craft and Use the Ore Compass

The Ore Compass is the Mining skill’s rare resource detector unlocked at Level 8. The recipe costs x2,500 Gold but can track rare mining nodes for 15 minutes. To craft one you’ll need the following materials:

  • x1 Silver Bar.
  • x1 Iron Bar.
  • x5 Stone Brick.

While the Ore Compass does track Palium nodes, it also marks Iron as well. Iron is listed as a rare resource, but it’s fairly easy to find throughout the area. This can make finding what you’re looking for a lot more frustrating. When I use the Ore Compass, I visit the areas I know usually have the blue ore and use it there. Even if I stumble across some Iron, I typically find four or five Palium nodes within the first couple of stops.

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Ask for Palium Ore as a Requested Item

Once you’ve obtained Palium Ore the first time, you can start requesting it. Whether that request gets filled is another matter, but you’ll be able to ask other players for the material. Unless you run into those, like myself, who would rather build the Ravenwood set over the Dragon or Moonstruck sets, you’re unlikely to have the request completed. However, you never know unless you ask, and an unfulfilled request doesn’t count toward your daily max.

That’s how to find Palium in Palia. Since it’s so rare, be mindful of what you use it on, as it could be a while before you find more. I suggest using it on tools first since gathering resources is so important — but I’ll leave that decision up to you. For more item locations, such as frequent spawn areas for Flow Trees, bug sightings, or how to get the perfect garden plot, check out our Palia guides hub.

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