Palia: How to Find Shells

Need to find shells? Here's where to get them in Palia.

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Shells are a foraging item in Palia. They can be a weekly want for villagers, but more importantly, they’re required for a friendship quest for Jel. Using them for inspiration in a new design, he wants five of them to create a dye. Tracking these items can be a bit of a hassle, however. Here’s how to find shells in Palia.

How to Find Shells in Palia

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There are three locations in Palia where you can find shells. They’re all located in Bahari Bay, to the east of town and your home plot. Once in Bahari Bay, head to Beachcomber Cove, Coral Shores, or Lighthouse Lagoon. I find that Coral Shores has the most items to gather, then Lighthouse Lagoon, and finally, Beachcomber Cove. The cove is easier to reach but may not have enough shells to fulfill Jel’s quest.

Once you reach the areas of the beach where it’s safe to walk in the water a short distance, you’ll see small glowing shafts of light. These indicate an item that can be foraged. These items can be:

  • Shells
  • Unopened Oysters
  • Coral
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Of course, what we’re looking for is shells, so if you have limited room, walk up to the item to see what it is before you pick it up. Whenever I head into Bahari Bay, I try to have as little in my inventory as possible so I can really load up on items from foraging, mining, and fishing. This gives me the most opportunities to get items, including star-quality items, without having to worry about backpack space.

What are Shells Used For?

Keep walking near the edge of the water and throughout shallows along the coast to find more areas that have forage items. Jel needs five shells for his dye, but you can collect as many as you’d like. Sometimes Jel also asks for a shell as his Weekly Want. Extra shells can be sold for 12 gold each.

That’s how to find shells in Palia. They can make a decent item to sell for quick gold at the start of the game, as well as being needed for Jel’s first friendship quest. For more help in Palia, like how to fish, make money quick, or a rundown on the refer a friend program, check out our growing guides hub.

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