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Palia: How to Fix Error Code 403

If you're getting Error Code 403 when logging on to Palia, here are seom ways to fix it.

Palia, the upcoming simulation MMO from Singularity 6. The game is currently in closed beta, with an open beta coming on August 10. There’s so much to do in this cozy game, from farming to relationship building and more. But if you’re trying to play and running into a roadblock that won’t let you start your bucolic journey, you may be wondering how to fix Error Code 403 in Palia.

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How to Fix Error Code 403 in Palia

There are really only a couple of ways to fix Error Code 403 in Palia since the issue most often stems comes from a lack of access.

  • Confirm the date and time the game is live: If you’re invited to the stress test or closed beta, you’ll want to verify in the email the date and time that access becomes available. All dates in emails are in PST.
  • Log in with the same email you registered with: If you’re logging in with a different email than the one you registered with, you’ll be denied access.
  • Check if there are server issues: Head to the game’s Discord channel and check the official server status to see if it’s struggling or possibly down.
  • Perform normal troubleshooting: If there’s a connection problem, it’s always good to check your internet status, close and restart your browser, and restart your computer.
  • Send in a Support Ticket: If you’ve been invited to the stress test or closed beta — or you’re playing during the Open Beta period — and you still can’t get access, send a support ticket to the team. This can be done on Discord or through the official Palia help center.

What Does Error Code 403 Mean?

Palia Error Code 403 means one of three things:

  • You’re trying to play the game before it’s available.
  • You don’t yet have an invitation to play.
  • The servers are overloaded.

While you can download Palia now, that doesn’t mean you can play it now. For the upcoming stress test and closed beta, you must first receive an email from Singularity 6 inviting you to join those sessions on July 25 and August 2. If you try to log in without an invitation or before the game is available, you’ll get Error Code 403.

While that’s the biggest cause of the error, you can also get Error Code 403 during the stress test if the servers become overloaded.

And that’s how to fix Error Code 403 in Palia. Since the game is still in beta, issues are likely to occur. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks guides, like how the game’s Refer a Friend program works.

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