Palworld PC Save File Location Guide: How to Guard Against Server Progress Reset

If you're worried about the save file glitch eating your progress, this is where to find your Palworld save data.

Characters and Pals overlooking Palagos Islands.
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For those who like to mod, use console commands, or test out decisions before making a final selection, having a separate save file as a backup is necessary. Here, I’ll tell you where to find your Palworld PC save file location and how to backup save data.

How to Find Your Palworld Save File Location and Make a Backup Save on PC

As with any other game, glitches roam the world of Palworld. The latest is a save file bug that erases all of your progress. This issue affects both single and multiplayer files, and the trigger hasn’t yet been determined.

The latest Palworld patch notes announcement that appears when you load the game lists an extensive Q&A you can go through on how to avoid this, but the best course of action is to create a copy of your save file. While Pocketpair works on the issue, it’s best to create a backup save if you fall victim to the bug.

Palworld Critical Bug notice
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How to Back Up Save Data in Palworld

The easiest way to find your Palworld save data location is to launch the game and navigate to your games and worlds. Click on the world you want to save the data for, then click the folder icon at the bottom left of the screen. This will take you right to the save game folder, including world and character info.

Palworld save data button.
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Can’t play the game? You’re need to find the file path in your C: drive (or main drive) that contains the information. Using the search bar, type Users/Username/AppData/Local/Pal/Saved/SaveGames. From there, you’ll see the folder you can jump into and select the following:

  • Folder with numbers as the title.
  • Then a Folder with numbers and letters as the title.
  • This brings you to your save files, including the Backup folder .
PC save file location for Palworld.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

What to Do with Your Save File to Back It Up

Once you locate your Palworld save data, copy the folder and paste it elsewhere. You can later come back and move it back over later, if you need to restore this particular save point. That way, if you accidentally kill a Lucky Pal, lose your data to a glitch, or your base gets destroyed by a rampaging fire, you have a save you can revert to. Just make sure to update them regularly so you don’t lose too much progress.

That’s how to find the Palworld PC save file location and back them up. More information on how to access your data on Xbox will be coming from Pocketpair in their Q&A document. For other assistance, head to our guides hub to learn where to find Venom Glands, how to find Dungeons, or how many players the game has.

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