Paper Mario: Color Splash – How to get Plum Park’s second Mini Paint Star

How to get the second (hidden) Mini Paint Star in Plum Park.

How to get the second (hidden) Mini Paint Star in Plum Park.
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Plum Park may be one of the areas I remember best in Paper Mario: Color Splash, and if you’ve made it all the way through and gotten the first Mini Paint Star in the area you very well may agree. It’s the second area you come across that’s a little challenging and three iconic characters from the series (one of which being hidden) make an appearance.

It’s all fun and games until you can’t find a Mini Paint Star, though. And Plum Park’s second one is nowhere to be seen when you make your way through the park the first time around.

Once you purify the park’s waters via a Petea pummeling the park’s waters become safe to traverse and the flowers that were closed when the water was poisoned are now in full bloom, which is exactly how you got the first Mini Paint Star.

The second one is also inside a blooming flower but even if you wander the park a couple times over you’re not going to get a single glance of its location nor are you going to hear the sparkling sound. Instead you’ve got to pay attention to what walkways are available.

When you first enter Plum Park make a right at the entrance garden just as you did when the water supply was poisoned.

Now here’s the hard part:

On this screen, look just below the bridge for a lily pad and jump on it. What’s that you see? The edge of a Mini Paint Star?

Jump on the next two lily pads and then onto the flower to grab it up.

I may have lied about this one being hard to get. It is one of the easiest to get in Color Splash and is only two screens into the area. There just aren’t any indicators it’s nearby.

Let this serve as a reminder to keep your eyes open for small hints and hidden walkways. I’ll remember Plum Park for a few reasons, none of those reasons being this Mini Paint Star.

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