Beat the Five Fun Guys at their own game in Toad Shuffle.

Paper Mario: Color Splash – How to win at Toad Shuffle

Beat the Five Fun Guys at their own game in Toad Shuffle.

The Five Fun Guys are putting on a show at Bloo Bay Beach and you’re invited.. to be scammed!

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After finding all five of the quintuplets they ask if you’d like to participate in Toad Shuffle, a game that would normally be easy if the Five Fun Guys weren’t blatantly cheating. Unfortunately you need to win to get the Blissful Beach Key.

The yellow Toad host always hands the key to the Toad who got stuck in the clam and crumpled the top of his head. Logically you as the player should easily be able to pick the crumpled Toad, right?

Unfortunately the event is rigged against you. No matter how well you pay attention and try to look for the key to change hands during the dance you just can’t pick the right Toad when it comes time to choose.

At this point in the game Paper Mario: Color Splash has already had you put your mind to the test and come up with some less than obvious solutions to the game’s puzzles and Toad Shuffle is no different.

The yellow Toad specifically tells you not to touch the Five Fun Guys but you’re going to need to in order to win at Toad Shuffle — don’t worry, the yellow Toad won’t say anything. Don’t stress about hitting other Toads by accident, either. Once you paint the crumpled Toad the other paint disappears.

After the yellow Toad hands the key to the crumpled headed green Toad, whack on him with your Paint Hammer to mark him as the Toad with the key. Then let the Toad Shuffle commence as usual.

The Five Fun Guys will try to trick you once again but your keen puzzle-solving and painting skills have trounced their trick: the host Toad quickly accepts you’ve bested them at their own game and hands over the Blissful Beach Key.

Now you can continue on your way over to Blissful Beach and keep searching for those Paint Stars.

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