Party Animals: How to Fix Error Code 10007

Running into error 10007 in Party Animals? Here are some potential ways to fix it.

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Inspired by Gang Beasts, Fall Guys, and many other adorable physics-based brawlers, Party Animals by Recreate Games is a heck of a good time. Fighting against your friends as a ragdoll critter is quite an entertaining experience, but some of the error codes lately have earned the game mixed reviews. Specifically, we want to show you how to fix error code 10007 in Party Animals.

How to Fix Party Animals Error Code 10007

Macchi, one of the developers from Recreate Games, recently shed some light on the error code 10007. In one of the posts on the game’s Steam community discussion board, they elaborated that 10007 indicates a bad network connection.

As of its release on September 20, Party Animals’ servers have constantly been overloaded. Many players haven’t been able to access the game right away. Waiting times range from 10 to 20 minutes, as developers suggest trying to log in a few times with eventual success. But besides trying again after some time, here are some other methods you can try.

Exit the Game and Start It Again

Sometimes, issues like error 10007 can be fixed by simply exiting the game and restarting it. It’s a low-effort troubleshooting technique to try before anything else.

Close and Restart the Steam App

Again, this is another easy troubleshooting technique that doesn’t take that much time to do. While Steam is restarting, you can check the following possible fixes, as well.

Make Sure You Have a Working Internet Connection

Are you able to access and play your other online games on Steam or through other launchers? If not, you might have problems with a faulty or unstable internet connection. If you’re using a wireless connection, try a wired one by connecting your PC and router with a LAN cable.

Wired LAN cable internet connections are the most stable way to play online games, especially because Party Animals requires a constant internet connection. Further, you can try to reset your router to spark your internet to life.

Disable Your VPN Service

Make sure you’re not currently using a VPN while accessing the game’s servers. VPNs can sometimes cause login issues like error 10007, especially when trying to access overloaded servers like in Party Animals. If you have one active, be sure to disable it and try logging in again.

Change Firewall Access

Sometimes, Windows Defender Firewall will block internet access for what it thinks are suspicious applications. Perhaps your firewall has falsely recognized Party Animals as a threat, or you didn’t grant the game access when you first launched it.

Do not worry, though! This can easily be changed to allow the game to connect to the internet through Firewall. Here is how:

  • Search for “Allow an app through Windows Firewall” in your Start menu and open Firewall Settings.
  • Click on “Change settings” and then on “Allow another app” or your OS’ equivalent.
  • Locate the Party Animals .exe on your computer and add it to the list of safe programs.

Restart Your Computer

When all else fails, you could try restarting your computer to clear some of your cached or temporary files, all of which could be interfering with Party Animals and returning the 10007 error. A restart is better than turning off your rig, too, because of how it resets applications.

And those are some potential ways to fix Party Animals error 10007. If all else fails, be patient and try logging in again after a few minutes. Party Animals is already a solid multiplayer party game, and we feel it will truly shine with better server capabilities and bug fixes in the future. On the positive side, here are some Party Animals codes to unlock free skins and a guide for couch co-op if you’re interested.

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