Path of Exile 3.11 Classes Tier List Guide

Enter the Harvest league with the best possible class using this class tier list guide to Path of Exile 3.11

Enter the Harvest league with the best possible class using this class tier list guide to Path of Exile 3.11

The latest Harvest update for Path of Exile 3.11 has brought swathes of nerfs and buffs. This classes tier list guide for Path of Exile 3.11 will help you choose the best classes for Harvest league.

Melee classes are now more viable than ever, but certain spellcasters have still retained their high position among the classes in Path of Exile. Let’s get to the tier list.

S-Tier Classes


The Harvest update has been especially kind to the Trickster class, which now has Elusive and Wind Dancer on his skill tree, not to mention an increased HP.

In combination with the Essence Drain skill, Trickster’s defensive abilities become especially important against the hordes of enemies in the Harvest league. This class can perform equally well at the beginning and at endgame.

If you really want to push this class to its maximum this season, then consider the following utility gems:

  • Flame Dash
  • Malevolence
  • Despair

As for gear and equipment, these are the most recommended:

  • Lifesprig Wand
  • Wanderlust Boots
  • Goldrim Helmet
  • Praxis Ring

In the 3.11 update, the Juggernaut class got slowed down but received a large damage buff. It also has better defensive tools now, which makes it an excellent choice for all melee players.

The best early skill you can get is Molten Strike, which you can get by killing Hillock. Then, you can get Sunder skill after defeating Merveil, which will significantly increase all your DPS output.

The best gems for Juggernaut in the Harvest league are:

  • Ancestral Warchief
  • Punishment
  • Herald of Ash
  • Leap Slam

Such a powerful melee class also needs strong tools to use and some fine gear, such as:

  • Blackheart Ring
  • Belt of the Deceiver
  • Wideswing Axe
  • Cauteriser Axe
  • Kaom’s Primacy Axe

A-Tier Classes


Necromancer has always been a favorite of many PoE players, and in the latest release its Corpse Pact skill has been nerfed a bit, which now has upper limit on its cast speed.

But this doesn’t make the class notably worse, and you can still make it incredibly powerful with the help of Raise Zombie and Summon Raging Spirit DPS spells. Combine them with Volatile Dead and Desecrate, and you should have no trouble in the Harvest league whatsoever.

The three best auras for Necromancer are following:

  • Clarity
  • Anger
  • Herald of Ash

Also, consider the following gear for your upgraded Necromancer build:

  • Sidhebreath Amulet
  • Reverberation Wand
  • Praxis Ring
  • Goldrim Helmet
  • Victario’s Flight Boots

Saboteur is currently the best class to burn through bosses. This class now has immunity to stun and damage reflection, and it also received some extra defense skills.

Mine spells are the bread and butter of the Saboteur class, which provide huge levels of DPS on both single targets and hordes of enemies alike. The best early mine spell is Stormblast, and then you can switch to Pyroclast, which is a lot more potent.

Although these spells are very powerful they require a lot of mana. That’s why these gems are the best for mana regeneration:

  • Clarity
  • Summon Skitterbots
  • Herald of Ice

Spell casters mainly rely on their magic abilities, so they require good tools an gear to survive:

  • Lifesprig Wand
  • Axiom Perpetuum
  • Praxis Ring
  • Victario’s Flight Boots

B-Tier Classes


An ability to cast totems for both offensive and defensive purposes may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but Hierophant class does it with such grace that even the most selective players may find it really interesting.

The main strategy for this class is to set up totems all around the battle area and move around as fast as possible to avoid damage. That’s why the best all round skills for Hierophant are Holy Flame Totem and Flame Dash.

In order to increase the fire damage of your totems you can use the following gems:

  • Flammability
  • Herald of Ash

Hierophant will need some good defensive gear for protection and other useful tools:

  • Le Heup of All Ring
  • Goldrim Helmet
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Axiom Perpetuum
  • Trolltimber Spire Shield

Pathfinder has been slightly better in the previous updates, but recently its Quill Rain ability has been nerfed and so it’s dropped a bit.

It still has one of the highest HP pools in the game and a very high speed of leveling. Currently, the two best early skills for Pathfinder are Caustic Arrow and Toxic Rain, which provide efficient leveling.

Poison status effect is a great way to take advantage of most enemies in PoE with the help of the following gems:

  • Herald of Agony
  • Summon Stone Golem
  • Blink Arrow

Pathfinder also requires a solid bow and some good utility gear, such as:

  • Quill Rain Bow
  • Blackheart Ring
  • Karui Ward Amulet
  • Viper Scales

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