PAX East with Kiddos: What all Parents Need to Know

What to do when you want to bring the your littlest kids to the convention, too
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

We decided to bring our child to PAX East this year so we could enjoy the experience with our 1 year old daughter.

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Being a parent of a 1 year old can be crazy at times due to the high demand for attention, snacks, and being able to stretch their tiny legs. My husband and I decided to take this experience head on by preparing ourselves ahead of time.

How to prepare for bringing small children to a convention: 

  1. Coordinate Nap Times: We made sure to look at the guidebook app on our smartphones to set up our day while trying to plan out feeding times and nap times.
  2. Pack Snacks: We made sure to bring plenty of snacks to keep her occupied during panel discussions and podcasts.
  3. Find a Roaming Zone: We found a perfect area for her to crawl around. On the second floor of the convention center there are plenty of areas that are outside of the discussion areas for little ones to roam freely without interrupting anyone.
  4. Bring a Stroller Alternative: It is known that strollers are not allowed at all, so we brought a Kokopax baby backpack carrier which also helped out when she needed a nap and we wanted to check out booths.
  5. Get There Early: It is recommended that you make sure to try and get here when it opens to try to avoid most lines, and when it is food time for your little one you have a better chance of being able to sneak into a private area when most people are busy trying to fight the food lines.
  6. Bring Distractions: Bring a water bottle , a soothing/favorite toy that doesn’t make noise and if using a pacifier it is highly thought of for those just in case moments.

I hope this tips will give you a good idea of what to expect! I was really surprised (and grateful) at how most people are very generous in giving you space to not scare your child in what can be an overwhelming environment for them.


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