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Payday 3: Can You Play Solo? Answered

Payday 3 is primarily a multiplayer game, but can you play it solo?

The Payday series is known for its co-op heisting, and that expectation follows the third game in the series. If you’re not quite the multiplayer type, though, you won’t be cut off from the game. Like its predecessor, you won’t be out of luck if you want to play alone. In this guide, we’ll answer the question: can play Payday 3 solo? And we’ll talk about what exactly that entails.

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Can You Play Payday 3 Solo? Answered

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You can play Payday 3 solo. The game launched with the functionality out of the box. Just not the type where you can do a heist totally on your own. You’re not starting a one-man heist, but you can start one with you and three bots.

Payday 3 is launching with an AI bot feature to fill in the gaps. This helps if you’re in a party with fewer than four players or if you’re just playing by yourself. You’ll still have to use matchmaking to get into a heist, even if by yourself, though.

Payday 3 is an always online title, which Starbreeze Studios claims to be so they can offer crossplay support. Even if you want to play by yourself, you’ll still have to deal with potential connectivity issues if you have an unstable internet connection.

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How to Play Solo in Payday 3

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To play solo in Payday 3, you’ll need to set up a private lobby.

  • Choose a heist.
  • Set matchmaking to invite only.
  • Enter the lobby (you may have to wait a little while).
  • Then ready up and start the heist.

It’s worth noting that the bots in Payday 2 were less than ideal in a number of missions. At times, they required a fair amount of player intervention. That hopefully won’t be the case here in the third entry to the series. AI has come a long way over the years, after all. It’s a little irksome that you’ll still have to play online even if you’re playing on your own, but it’s better than not being able to at all. They’ll at least be useful when going in loud, but otherwise, it might be a problem.

And that answers the question: can you play solo in Payday 3. It’s good news for anyone hoping to complete heists without the help of friends or randoms, though being unable to even attempt any of them completely alone is a little disappointing. Look for more Payday 3 guides here on GameSkinny.

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