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Payday 3: How Long do Searches Last? Answered

Hoping that search phase ends in Payday 3? Here's how long you might be left waiting.

Although Payday 3 utilizes a lot of familiar mechanics across its stealth gameplay, it also introduces new ones. One of the most unique mechanics added is the Search phase, which can be a lead-in from stealth to loud. With how much of a handicap it can put on a stealth run, some players might consider waiting it out. This guide will answer the following question: how long do searches last in Payday 3?

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Payday 3: How Long Do Searches Last? Answered

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From our own experience triggering it in different ways and leaving our rigs running, the Search phase will last indefinitely. No matter if it was due to something breaking or being caught by a camera, the phase simply won’t end until the heist is over or things go loud. This can make any stealth run a whole lot more difficult.

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What Triggers the Search Phase?

A guard will trigger this whenever they detect something suspicious, typically without physically seeing you. We’ve found the following to be causes:

It’s important to note that a guard hearing you run past them doesn’t trigger a search, even though it does similarly take them off their usual pathing routes for a few moments while they investigate. You’ll know if you’re in the Search Phase as a message saying “Searching…“ will pop up and stay. Additionally, another messenger explaining why it occurred will briefly show up, such as “Guard found a breached gate” or simple “Search has been triggered.”

That answers the question: how long do searches last in Payday 3? If you need any further heisting tips, check out our PD3 guides page.

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