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Payday 3: How to Find Under the Surphaze Flash Drive

Here's how to find the illusive USB drive for this art gallery heist in Payday 3.

It’s simple enough to complete the main objectives in Payday 3, but to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to complete the side objectives too. These typically allow you to steal some extra loot and make a lot more money. They’re not always easy though and some require a bit of deductive thinking. Here’s how to find the Under the Surphaze flash drive in Payday 3.

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How to Find Under the Surphaze Flash Drive in Payday 3

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This secret USB flash drive can be found in a hidden safe in the manager’s office. During my playthroughs, the office was always in the same place: on the second floor of the gallery. Keep a watch out for guards as well as the nearby cameras on your way there.

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At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be any safe at all inside the office. I’ll admit I walked past it multiple times without even knowing it was there. Thankfully, the process to uncover it isn’t complicated. First, you need to walk behind the desk and read through the emails on the computer. One of them will reveal that the USB is inside a hidden safe as well as which exhibitions have the Uma paintings.

Although the email doesn’t reveal the location of the safe, it’s a lot closer than you might think. Simply turn around and look at the small wooden panel directly underneath the giant clock. Interact with it to reveal a fake wall and a compartment housing the safe. Go through the simple rotating dial minigame to unlock the safe and find the USB drive inside.

You’re now set to find the Under the Surphaze flash drive in Payday 3. With this handy device, you’re one step closer to finding the correct Uma painting and completing the optional objective. If you’re trying to accomplish other side objectives, check out our guide on how to find the vault code in Rock the Cradle. The answers to all other questions can be found on our PD3 guides page.

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