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Payday 3: How to Fix Can’t Show Invitation to Bouncer Bug

One annoying bouncer glitch is ruining stealth runs for players in Payday 3. Here are our solutions.

Payday 3 players have come across a variety of glitches and errors, and they’re not all server-related. One that has hampered many stealth runs can be encountered in the Rock the Cradle heist. This is how to fix the bug preventing you from showing the VIP invitation to the Bouncer in PD3.

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How to Fix the Can’t Show Invitation to Bouncer Bug in Payday 3



What is the Bouncer Glitch?

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The Rock the Cradle Bouncer glitch occurs when you try to present him with a VIP Invitation, but it disappears. With the item gone and his refusal to let you through, this can suck the fun out of a run. Thankfully, you can use other methods to get past him.

Alternate Solutions to Get By

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We recommend going with an alternative solution first if you’re unlucky enough to encounter this glitch. Aside from the VIP invitation, you can also make your way through with a blue keycard. Here are the different ways to get past that bouncer and into the VIP room:

  • Break into Cassandra Rifkin’s office > hack her phone > steal the blank VIP pass > authenticate it > present to the bouncer.
  • Sabotage the DJ’s speakers > change the music that’s playing > attract the bouncer > steal his blue keycard.
  • Head to the VIP room entrance > Use the “Glitch Protocol” skill to hack the left bouncer’s phone > position yourself behind the right bouncer and steal their blue keycard.

If the alternate methods don’t quite work out for you, we suggest returning to the main menu or exiting the game. Restarting the heist will keep the seed the same and likely lead to the same problem. Canceling it altogether and returning to the main menu should be enough of a refresher for the next time. Even though it can be a hassle with the occasional matchmaking errors, it’s better than dealing with this glitch.

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That being said, we certainly understand if you would rather exit the game entirely. There are a lot of steps to go through before you can present a VIP invitation to the bouncer. Exiting and restarting the game fresh is a surefire way of knowing the seed is randomized again before you devote quite a bit of time to it.

These tips should help you fix the can’t show invitation to bouncer bug in Payday 3. If you’re in need of advice for doing another heist quietly, our No Rest for the Wicked Stealth guide can help. All other tips and error code information are available at our PD3 guides hub.

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