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Payday 3: How to Get Gold and Sharke Blue Keycard Location

Here’s how to find an important item in the Gold & Sharke Payday 3 heist.

The Gold and Sharke heist in Payday 3 has a lot of steps to it. No matter if you’re going loud or trying to keep it quiet, there’s a lot to prepare for here. If you’ve been having trouble finding one of the keycards, you’re not alone. This is how to get the Gold and Sharke Blue Keycard in Payday 3.

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How to Get Gold and Sharke Blue Keycard in Payday 3

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The Blue Keycard has multiple places it can spawn in, but the most common we found was on the backside of the bank manager. You can find him walking around on the second floor of the bank. Thankfully, it’s not that difficult to swipe it from him. You just need to make sure to not do it in front of a camera or another NPC.

The best time to take it is when he stops in front of the stairs leading to the vault. He leans over to look at the first floor, making it easy to just pluck it from his back. This spot is out of the view of cameras and most NPCs.

If you don’t see the manager carrying it, you’ll need to check out all of the offices on this floor. The good news is that it’s limited to spawning on the top level. However, it’s more difficult to sneak around and lockpick everything than it is to take it directly from the Gold & Sharke manager. Guards won’t like you up here and you might need to shout and corral some of the employees.

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On the chance that you’re nearby, we suggest using the blue keycard to open the manager’s office now. You’ll be heading back to open it later on in the heist anyway, so you can save a bit of time by doing it now.

You’re now prepared to get the Gold and Sharke Blue Keycard in Payday 3. If you want to know how to tackle this heist in the most efficient manner, check out our elevator guide. Any other tips and tricks are available on our PD3 guides page.

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