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Payday 3: How to Use Gold and Sharke Elevator

We break down how you can use the Gold and Sharke elevator to save time in Payday 3.

The first heist in Payday 3 might see you taking on a bank, but it doesn’t compare to the extravagant one you can rob in the Gold and Sharke heist. Trying to steal everything can be a real test of patience though. Thankfully, that can be made easier if luck is on your side. Here’s how to use the Gold and Sharke elevator in Payday 3.

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Payday 3: How to Use Gold and Sharke Elevator

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In order to use the elevator in the Gold and Sharke bank, someone will need to have added the elevator access favor in the lobby before the heist. There will be no opportunity to use it during the heist if nobody adds the favor. Once you advance enough to reach the vault and bags of money, you’ll be able to place them inside. They can then be taken all the way down to the basement underground parking lot, where the van is located.

This cuts back a lot of time you would typically spend carrying them through the lobby. Not only are there a ton of bags to carry, but there are also a lot of guards and civilians to avoid. Even if you take down the guards strategically, this is a monotonous part of the Gold and Sharke heist. Those playing solo or even in a duo will find it to be very lengthy as well. Being able to use the elevator makes it all trivial.

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All of this hinges on whether someone has the elevator access favor to use though. As of right now, we haven’t figured out a guaranteed method to make these appear before a heist. We’re currently assuming that they’re just provided on a random basis. We’ll be sure to update this if a surefire way is discovered.
That covers how to use the Gold and Sharke elevator in Payday 3. If you’re having trouble finding a particular item in this heist, our blue keycard guide can help. Everything else you need to know is at our PD3 guides hub.

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