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Payday 3: How to Open the Vault in No Rest For the Wicked

Here's how to open the vault in Payday 3's first mission, No Rest For the Wicked.

Each heist in Payday 3 gives you the option to go into any heist like Rambo or Ethan Hunt. You can shoot up the place or sneak your way to the big score. Of course, the latter method is a lot tougher, requiring patience above all else. If you’d rather not use thermite to get the job done, here’s how to open the vault in Payday 3 No Rest For the Wicked

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How to Open the Vault in No Rest For the Wicked in Payday 3

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The first step to open the vault in No Rest for the Wicked is turning off the power and flipping the right switches. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to find an Executive. 

These are the corporate managers wearing white and black suits roaming around the bank. One of the easier Executives to find is the Manager in the Manager’s office. It’s across from the board room on the first floor in the Staff Only area. 

To be clear, you’ll need to do a full stealth run to open the vault this way in No Rest For the Wicked. Going loud forces you to use thermite. Indeed, this requires immense patience and a good bit of strategy to pull off. It took me half a dozen runs or so to figure out a decent game plan. 

Take the Manager as a Human Shield

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Here are the primary steps I took to take the manager as a human shield using stealth:

  • Cut the Power and disable the security system.
  • Steal the blue keycard and go to the camera room (blue keycard door).
  • Mask up inside the camera room and kill the guard.
  • Point all of the cameras at the ceiling. 
  • Kill the guard patrolling downstairs and cuff the civilians roaming that area.
  • Flip the right switches to the vault gate in the Staff Only area – not the lobby.
  • Pick the lock to the Manager’s Office.
  • Take the Manager as a human shield.
  • Shive him into the eye scanner at the vault door. 
  • Take him as a shield again, throw him in a back hallway, and cuff him. 

After the eye scan, a new objective appears, telling you where to find the codes to open the vault door. Mine was to hack the Manager’s computer. 

With the set of codes in hand, return to the vault door and use your flashlight to illuminate the fingerprints on the keypad. Then check those numbers against the set of numbers you just got. Mine was 2988. Input the code to open the vault door and loot the money inside. 

That’s how to open the vault in No Rest for the Wicked in Payday 3. Now it’s on to your next job – and your next big score. For more tips and tricks, head over to our PD3 guides hub

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