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Payday 3: True Connoisseur Trophy and Achievement Guide

This is what you need to know for the Payday 3 trophy and achievement, True Connoisseur.

The story of Payday 3 might not be as wacky as that of its predecessor (so far), but it retains some of the peculiar achievements. One that especially sticks out in this regard is during the Under the Surphaze art heist. Here’s our guide for completing the True Connoisseur trophy and achievement in Payday 3.

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Payday 3: True Connoisseur Trophy and Achievement Guide

Payday 3 True Connoisseur Steps

How to Unlock the True Connoisseur Trophy and Achievement

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To unlock the True Connoisseur trophy and achievement, you must steal the Shanda Latrell painting in the Under the Surphaze heist on Very Hard or above. Doing this is a bit of a convoluted process and requires a minimum of three players. They’ll need to steal three individual statues at the same time to reveal a button. Pushing this will unlock the Shanda Latrell painting, although it also activates a complex laser security pattern. We’ve broken down the general steps with some tips below.

Where to Find the Statues for The True Connoisseur Trophy and Achievement

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You’ll find three tiny statues inside the manager’s office and on their desk. These statues are miniature versions of the three much larger statues you need to steal. We suggest writing down what they look like.

Search Through the Exhibits

All three of the statues will be found throughout the different exhibits. All of you will need to sneak around to determine where they are. If you get caught, it’s okay to restart and do it over again. You could even go loud at first just to see where everything is if you want. Restarting won’t change the statue locations.

Treat This Like a Typical Stealth Run

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Find out where the statues are and turn off the security measures for those exhibits like you would do in a regular stealth run in the heist. The Shanda Latrell painting needs to be taken in stealth, so bring your best stealth build. I highly recommend bringing some Hacker skills to help with the many cameras. Otherwise, simply go through the typical objectives until the statues can be taken.

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Use Voice Chat If You Can

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Three players need to pick up these large statues at the same time for True Connoisseur, which is why we recommend using voice chat if possible. Payday 3 doesn’t offer native voice chat, so you’ll need to use something else like Discord or anything your platform provides. This will help a ton since this step for the True Connoisseur trophy and achievement requires pretty precise timing.

Have One Player Head Back to the Office

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The next step is to have one player head back to the manager’s office. Go to the wall with three paintings and move the middle painting to reveal a button. Don’t press it just yet, though.

Have One Player Steal the Painting

Another player needs to head downstairs to the first floor. Have them go to the back door exit, which is between the E2 and E3 exhibits. Within this mostly empty room is the Shanda Latrell painting behind a circular barrier.

Have them jump the barrier and look at the painting. The player in the manager’s office can now push the button. This will activate a difficult laser security system around the painting, but thankfully outside the barrier. Now it can be looted and the heist can continue like normal in stealth or loud.

The trophy/achievement will pop as soon as the painting makes it into the van/helicopter. You can exit as soon as you see it, but you might as well see the heist out until the end since you’ve already done most of it.

That covers how to get the True Connoisseur trophy and achievement in Payday 3. For all other heisting achievements and general tips, check out our PD3 guides page.

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