Crafting lockpick after lockpick? Who needs that when you can have one infinite pick that opens everything? Get Persona 5's Eternal Lockpick now!

Persona 5: Leave No Chest Unlocked by Crafting the Eternal Lockpick

Crafting lockpick after lockpick? Who needs that when you can have one infinite pick that opens everything? Get Persona 5's Eternal Lockpick now!

Early on in Persona 5, you’ll gain access to a crafting station in the Cafe LeBlanc attic through your social link with Morgana. The tools you make there let you perform various actions, like instantly escaping from battle, open locked chests, or reducing the chance of random combat.

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But one craft item that becomes available much later — the Eternal Lockpick — allows you to stop focusing on making so many exploration tools because it automatically unlocks everything you come across.

To craft this item, first you need to reach Rank 6 with the Magician Confidant (your social link with Morgana), which unlocks the ability to craft all of the various infiltration tools. Prior to reaching this Magician Confidant Rank, you won’t be able to build the Eternal Lockpick — even if you have all the necessary ingredients. So that’s where you should start. 

       Crafting Infiltration Items

The Eternal Lockpick Crafting Recipe in Persona 5

After reaching Magician Confidant Rank 6, you can craft the Eternal Lockpick with these two ingredients:

  • Aluminum Sheet x20
  • Liquid Mercury x10

Sounds simple, right? Well, not so fast. The drop rate for these elusive items is extremely low, and they only come from very specific Shadow enemies found in certain locations within Persona 5. You’ll have to grind these enemies to get the required items:

  • Aluminum Sheets are dropped by Anzu (found in Futaba Palace) and Ganesha (found at Okumura Palace Barracks)
  • Liquid Mercury is dropped by Anubis (found in Futaba Palace) and Decarabia (found at Okumura Palace Facilities Passage)


You’ll want to save often when looking for these items because you don’t want to lose the materials you’ve acquired due to a combat mishap! Once you’ve managed to gather the tools and actually get to crafting, keep in mind that the Eternal Lockpick doesn’t carry over into New Game+, although you can start farming for the ingredients again from the start.

And that’s all there is to it. Just make sure you reach Magician Confidant Rank 6 and get the items you need, and you’ll be able to craft all the various infiltration tools.

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