Pillars of Eternity 2: Best Multiclass Guide

Can't decide which class combination to play? We show you the absolute strongest options available to destroy your enemies in Pillars 2!

Can't decide which class combination to play? We show you the absolute strongest options available to destroy your enemies in Pillars 2!
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Further reinforcing the Baldur’s Gate 2 nods, multiclassing has been thrown into the mix with Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity 2, which radically expands your potential class options.

Between pure classes, sub-classes, and now multiclassing, the number of combinations is astronomical, which probably has you asking — what’s the best Pillars Of Eternity 2 multiclass available?

Below we cover two of the most monstrous combos that can deal insane amounts of damage or withstand devastating punishment in any combat situation! These two builds can even potentially solo the game.

Monk/Ranger (Wanderer) With the Kitchen Stove

This is a very, very specific build revolving entirely around a single weapon that makes the Monk’s Swift Flurry ability continuously activate.

To make this build work, you need to go one-handed with a single blunderbuss — in this case, a specific enchantable blunderbuss called the Kitchen Stove.

The weapon is picked up from Dereo the Lean, who is located by exploring the Gullet Narrows and killing some guards. Trade some relic found in the under-city beneath the Gullet for the Kitchen Stove, which can be enchanted with Wild Barrage to bounce multiple shots between enemies.

What you want to do is have the Monk ability Swift Flurry increase your attack speed, and then launch extra free attacks each time you crit. Combined with the weapon’s enchantment, you will get an absurd number of shots from one single attack. Groups of enemies will go down nearly instantly, and you don’t even need party members to help in the fight.

When combined with the Ranger’s Driving Flight ability, which causes each attack to hit other targets, the numbers get astounding. Any given attack will likely end up bouncing dozens of times, utterly annihilating all enemies in its path. Combining with any ability that reduces reload speed, like Gunner or the Frantic Reload enchantment, will just further increase the carnage.

This particular combo is so effective and bounces so often that if you come across an enemy resistant to the damage who doesn’t quickly die, the bullet will keep going so long that it can actually crash the game! Keep a secondary weapon or ability in-hand for bosses that are immune to damage so you can keep playing.

Note that it is entirely possible this was an unintended usage of the Swift Flurry ability with this particular weapon, so try out the build now before it ends up getting patched out!

 The Kitchen Stove Blunderbuss (thanks to MONST3R for the screenshot)

Chanter/Melee Class (Herald or Howler)

Your Chanter side will take on the role of summoner, bringing out tons of allies to fight for you. Your secondary focus should be on anything that heals you while hampering the enemy to work well with the various abilities of either the Paladin or Barbarian.

Picking the Beckoner sub-class for Chanter gives you even more minions, although each will be more squishy. With how many you will have out, however, they don’t need to last very long. If you want to focus on survival and using your Chanter abilities more often while wading into combat, go with Skald. Your summons cost more because they count as non-offensive chants, but that is offset because you get extra phrases to use when landing crits.

Either way, the automatic chants offered with the Chanter class is where things get overpowered. Pick anything that hurts the enemy, heals you, or gives you huge defensive bonuses and you won’t need to worry about most combats.

For your secondary class, you want either Paladin to keep yourself alive, or Barbarian for the frenzies to increase your damage and shouts for crowd control.

On the Paladin side, picking an order that grants Lay On Hands immediately is an excellent idea, and Shieldbearer in particular can make you nearly invincible since your Lay On Hands will prevent you from dying for several seconds. Focus on upgrading your Lay On Hands and picking any auras that give you boosts to armor, regenerate health, or hinder enemies with blindness.

No matter what your starting skill, be sure to pick Deep Faith at second level. So long as you roleplay the character in accordance with the Paladin order’s beliefs, you get absolutely massive defensive bonuses.

Whether you pick Barbarian or Paladin, be sure to load up your character’s inventory with further creature summoning items, like the Laughing Imp Cameo or the Dragon Pendant. Between your army of monsters and your constant ability to heal damage while wading into melee combat, you will be an absolute powerhouse!

 Even from level 1, the Chanter can bring out a horde of skeleton allies

Have you found any other killer Pillars of Eternity 2 multiclass combos we should try out? Let us know your favorite class combination in the comments below!

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