Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Chomper Guide

If you need to know the best way to use the Chomper, then check out this detailed guide.

Chompers are the close-range class for the Plants. They are also a stealth-like class. This is not a class that you want to run head first into battle with. When playing the Chomper, you have to play smart, and surprise the enemy.

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It is a very rewarding class when played right, and my favorite. You may not get the most kills or coins, but you will definitely contribute to your team winning. Plus, swallowing zombies is just so much fun!

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This guide will cover everything about the Chomper including:

  • Basic Combat Tips – Things that give you an edge in battle.
  • Class Abilities – Each ability for chomper, and what they do.
  • Class Matchups – What to do against each zombie.

Basic Combat Tips – How to chomp like a pro

Chompers are slow, but powerful. If you swallow a zombie, it’s an instant kill. Here are some important things to know about the Chomper:

  • After swallowing a zombie, you must wait to digest it before you can attack again.
  • During digestion you also move slower than normal.

Chomper’s basic attack is the chomp. It bites the enemy when in the front and will swallow it if you get behind them. The Chomper abilities are: Burrow, Goop, and Spikeweed.

  • Burrow – The chomper goes underground for a limited time. You can attack a zombie from underneath, swallowing them.
  • Goop – Shoot the target with purple goop. Does damage over time and slows them down.
  • Spikeweed – Sets a trap on the ground that activates when Zombies walk over it. Pull them in the hair and hangs them there for a short time. Does light damage.

These abilities are very good when used together, and with the Chomper’s basic attack.

  • You can’t stay underground with Burrow for long; a bar appears on your screen to show you how much time is left before you automatically come up.
  • It is best to hide close, but out of sight of the enemy. If they see you burrow, they will try to escape.
  • Do not use Burrow on an engineer that is using Jackhammer, you will swallow the jack hammer instead.
  • Goop has a low cooldown and is best used often. You can slow zombies down so you can get behind them to swallow, it also does damage.
  • Spikeweeds are great for trapping enemies, especially in Garden and Graveyards. Zombies trapped by the Spikeweed can also be swallowed easily, so do it often.

Class Matchups – When to chomp and when to run

  • Soldiers are a problem. If they see you burrow, they can use their Rocket Jump to get away. If they get on elevated areas, you can’t do anything to them.
  • Always sneak up on a Soldier, and try to swallow them before they can Rocket Jump away.
  • Trapping them in Spikeweed also helps stopping their escape.
  • These are the other problem for a Chomper. Their Jackhammer ability makes them immune to getting swallowed.
  • They also have a stun grenade that works while you are underground. It immediately stops you and bring you back to the surface.
  • If you see one on a jack hammer, or if they have spotted you, it is best to just stay away.
  • Go in for the kill when they have used up their stun grenade or get off their jack hammer.
  • The spikeweed works the best for Engineers because it will take them off their jack hammer and leave them helpless.
  • Scientists are also close range characters. It isn’t a good idea to engage them in a melee fight because their shotgun will most likely kill you first.
  • Goop them, or burrow so you can swallow for an instant kill.
  • This class has the most health of the zombie classes. They can spring tackle to close gaps and set up shields to block your path.
  • Burrow works really well on this class, as well as a well placed spikeweed.

That’s it for the Chomper guide. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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