Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Chomper Variants Guide

Love to gobble up zombies? Want to know about all the Chomper variants? Then, check out this guide for details on each one!

Chompers are the only melee character in the game, and they have some interesting variants. Most of them involve adding an elemental breath attack, but there are variants that make up for their weakness in speed and vulnerability.

I'll explain each variant and give you tips so that you can pick the right one for you. If you are looking for overall tips for the Chomper class, then check out my Chomper Class Guide.

For tips on anything else, visit my Master Guide List.

This guide will cover everything about the Chomper variants including:

  • Chomper Variants - Each variant and what they do.
  • Class Variant Tips - Tips for each variant, when necessary.

Chomper Variants - Which Chomper is for you?


  • Default variant. Their main attack is a basic chomp that does melee damage.
  • Upgrades - Improved Intestinal Chamber, Super Chomper Speed Boost, Hardened Skin.
    • Improved Intestinal Chamber - Decreases digestion time.
    • Super Chomper Speed Boost - Increases movement speed.
    • Hardened Skin - Increases health.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - N/A
    • Reload - N/A
    • Damage Type - Bite/Swallow/Yum!
    • Range - Melee

Hot Rod Chomper 

  • Speed variant, looks metallic like a car. They speed up after swallowing zombies. Also has less health than other variants. Uses Hot Rod Chomp.
  • Upgrades - Super Combustion Intestines, Supercharged Turbo, Reinforced Chassis.
    • Super Combustion Intestines - Decreases digestion time.
    • Supercharged Turbo - Increases movement speed.
    • Reinforced Chassis - Increases health.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - N/A
    • Reload - N/A
    • Damage Type - Bite/Swallow/Yum!
    • Range - Melee
  • This variant is great for getting kills and getting out. You slow down while swallowing enemies and become a huge target.
  • The Chomper is also a very slow character, so it makes it hard to catch up to people before dying.
  • As Hot Rod, you can kill enemies, then speed up to get even more kills.

Toxic Chomper 

  • This variant has a toxic aura around it that does damage to nearby enemies and a toxic spray attack that replaces the normal chomp attack. The toxic also does damage over time.
  • Upgrades - Acidic Stomach Acid, Toxic Runners, Chemical-Hardened Skin.
    • Acidic Stomach Acid - Decreases digestion time.
    • Toxic Runners - Increases movement speed.
    • Chemical-Hardened Skin - Increases health.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Toxic Spray
    • Reload - N/A
    • Damage Type - Toxic damage over time
    • Range - Extremely Short Range
  • Toxic damage is nice for extra hits, and helping to take down enemies even after dying.
  • Great when used on groups of enemies.

Fire Chomper 

  • This variant changes the basic chomp attack to a flame spray attack. The fire does damage over time.
  • Upgrades - Heartburn Digestion, Blazing Speed, Flame-Hardened Skin.
    • Heartburn Digestion - Decreases digestion time.
    • Blazing Speed - Increases movement speed.
    • Flame-Hardened Skin - Increases health.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Flame Spray
    • Reload - N/A
    • Damage Type - Fire damage over time
    • Range - Extremely Short Range
  • Great for groups of enemies as well, similar to the Toxic Chomper.
  • Spray an entire area, run, repeat.

Power Chomper 

  • This variant replaces the basic chomp attack with a powerful electric spray. It does not do damage over time like the other spray variants, but it does more damage.
  • Upgrades - Electrified Innards, Lightning Speed, Charged Health Upgrade.
    • Electrified Innards - Decreases digestion time.
    • Lightning Speed - Increases movement speed.
    • Charged Health Upgrade - Increases health.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Electric Spray
    • Reload - N/A
    • Damage Type - Electric Shocks
    • Range - Extremely Short Range
  • Group killers. Walk into a group during Gardens and Graveyards and watch them fall.
  • Using hit and run tactics can get you many kills in a short time.

Count Chompula 

  • This variant recovers health after swallowing zombies. It Uses Vampiric Chomp as its primary attack.
  • Upgrades - Hyper Digestion, Super Vampiric Speed Boost, Crazy Health Boost.
    • Hyper Digestion - Decreases digestion time.
    • Super Vampiric Speed Boost - Increases movement speed.
    • Crazy Health Boost - Increases health.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - N/A
    • Reload - N/A
    • Damage Type - Bite/Swallow/Yum!
    • Range - Melee
  • Wonderful survivor variant. Makes up for its weakness in being killed easily after swallowing zombies.
  • Just eat zombies, get more health, and do it all again.

Armor Chomper 

  • This armored variant ahs the most health of any plant in the game with the upgrade, 225. It's a bit slower than the other variants to balance out the health.
  • Upgrades - Iron Stomach, Emptied Pockets, Balanced Breakfast.
    • Iron Stomach - Decreases digestion time.
    • Emptied Pockets - Increases movement speed.
    • Balanced Breakfast - Increases health.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - N/A
    • Reload - N/A
    • Damage Type - Bite/Swallow/Yum!
    • Range - Melee
  • This variant does have more health, but the decreased speed still makes it lower on the list of Chompers to use. If you'd like the extra health, then go for it, but the reduced speed can hurt more in the end.

That wraps up the Chompers Variant Guide. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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Published May. 1st 2014
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    Do the new update chomper
  • King_6042
    this may sound like a stupid question, but I unlocked the power chomper but how do I use him? when I go to the customize page I see him but where do I select him?
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Just go to Chomper, then press left or right to change variants.
  • Steve _4867
    I don't understand the power chomper attack. For something that supposedly does massive damage why can't you kill a player with an entire volley? I swear I saw 6 and 7s pop up.
  • hi_1828
    difference between power chomp and fire chomp? the above didn't draw much of a distinction...
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Power Chomper doesn't have a damage over time effect, but does more damage.
  • pkmystery
    Good work, but I can't help but notice that some info is left out. For example, the hot rod chomper has less health than other variants.
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Thanks. Of course, I don't have every variant, but I've seen what they all do. Any of the extra details I may not have. I appreciate anything being pointed out.

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