Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Engineer Guide

Want to be a master builder and the best support your Zombie team can have? Then, check out this guide and start earning your team victories!
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Engineers are the unsung heroes for the Zombie team in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. They have drones like the Cacti on the Plants team, and stun grenades to save teams in a tough spot. They also have jack hammers to protect them against Chompers and move quickly around the battlefield.

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They contribute greatly to winning in Gardens and Graveyards. Engineers build teleporters that bring Zombies closer to the garden, and turrets to protect the teleporter. Without an Engineer, victory is a lot harder. For details on each Engineer variant, check out the Engineer Variant guide.

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This guide will cover everything about the Engineer including:

  • Basic Combat Tips – Things that give you an edge in battle.
  • Class Abilities – Each ability for Engineer, and what they do.
  • Class Matchups – What to do against each Plant.

Basic Combat Tips – Building a better future

Engineers are master builders. They may not do a lot of damage with their primary weapon, but they make up for it with their abilities. Build a turret to take down drones and protect the teleporter, or send in your own drone to cause chaos. Their abilities are: Sonic Grenade, Zombot Drone, and Jackhammer.

  • Sonic Grenade – Throws a grenade that stuns nearby plants for a few seconds.
  • Zombot Drone – Sends out a flying drone that shoots lasers as the primary weapon or calls down an airstrike, known as “Cone Strike”.
  • Jackhammer – Jumps on a jack hammer and rides around the battlefield. Knocks plants over when you get next to them.

These abilities make the Engineer a valuable asset to the Zombie team.

  • Sonic Grenade is extremely helpful to your team. Engineers are the support character for the Zombies and this lets your team get more kills.
    • Throw a grenade at a group of enemies and they get stunned, letting your team finish them off.
    • The grenades also stun Chompers that burrow underground. It bring them back to the surface and saves someone from being swallowed.
  • Zombot Drone is where most of your damage comes from.
    • You can shoot down the Cactus’s Garlic Drone and rule the skies.
    • Use the Cone Strike on a garden that’s being captured to keep the enemy away.
  • Jackhammer has many uses.
    • It gets you around the level quickly, and to the teleporter before others.
    • It knocks down any Plants in its path to give you a better chance at beating them.
    • It also protects you from Chompers. If you are on a jack hammer, they will swallow that instead of you.

Class Matchups – Ride to victory

  • Peashooters are a pain because they usually look for you in Gardens and Graveyards.
  • Be on your guard and use Jackhammer to uproot them when they use their Gatling Pea.
  • Chompers are less of a threat as an Engineer.
  • You can stun them with grenades to stop their burrow and ride the jack hammer to protect against being swallowed.
  • If you see Chompers, save your Sonic Grenade and Jackhammer to make the Chomper useless.
  • Sunflowers cause problems because of their healing.
  • Using Jackhammer will uproot them as well when they use their destructive sunbeam, so watch out for that.
  • Try to take them out first when fighting a group.
  • The Cactus is your mortal enemy. Their drones can really ruin all your hard work.
  • Blast them out of the sky before they reach your teleporter, or they will blow it up, along with any Zombie or turret in the area.
  • Use your drone to find them, then call your own airstrike in.

That wraps up the Engineer guide. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments.

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