Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Soldier Variants Guide

Ready to be all you can be? Then, check out this Soldier variant guide to pick your favorite!

If you want an adaptable fighting style as the Zombies in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, then the Soldier is for you.

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They get up close and personal with the Plants, but also fall back when needed. They create problems with visibility with their Zombie Stink Cloud and blow away their enemies with their ZPG.

Unlike Plants, Zombies have different weapons to attack with. The different variants often change their gun, as well as how they attack.

I’ll be going over each variant for the Soldier class, what they do, and some tips for each one when needed. That way, you can pick the class variant that best suits your play style. If you’d rather have an overview of the basics of the Soldier class, then check out my Soldier class Guide.

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This guide will cover everything about the Soldier variants including:

  • Soldier Variants – Each variant and what they do.
  • Class Variant Tips – Tips for each variant, when necessary.

Soldier Variants

  • Foot Soldier – Default variant. Uses a basic rifle that shoots pellets at the enemy for the primary attack.
  • Camo Ranger – This variant replaces the normal rifle with a sniper rifle. It has longer range, increased damage when getting critical hits, less ammo and longer time to reload.
    • This is definitely the Sniper of the variants, and the Zombie team in general since they don’t have a dedicated sniper like the Cactus for the Plants.
    • This is great for picking off Plants from far distances.
    • Use Rocket Jump to get on rooftops that are far away from the plants, then easily pick them off with your primary attack.
  • Super Commando – Also known as Rambo, this variant replaces the rifle with a crossbow. It does a 3-shot burst that does more damage per shot than the normal pellets. It also has a faster reload.
    • The burst and speed of this variant is great, but you need to have good aim to play this variant well.
    • Keep the pressure by attacking. The quick shots and fast reload make this variant a threat when left unchecked.

  • General Supremo – Swaps the rifle for a mini gun. It does not have ammo, instead it has an overheat function, similar to the All-Star. You get slowed down when firing.
    • Do not use this at range. This variant is only helpful on the front lines.
    • The accuracy is lower so it is best to get real close to Plants and just unload a flurry of shots.
  • Tank Commander – This variant uses a rocket launcher instead of a rifle. It is a less damaging version of the one that is on its back, but it shoots faster. Only has 1 shot and takes time to reload.
    • It is good when used with the ZPG, but their primary is easy to avoid if the enemy sees it.
    • Best used when close in a Gardens and Graveyards match to do some decent splash damage.
  • Arctic Trooper – This variant uses a rifle just like the normal Soldier, but they do ice shots instead. After a couple of shots, the enemy becomes is frozen and can’t do anything for a few seconds.
    • This is great for stopping Plants in their tracks.
    • The freezing enemies also helps your team pick them off easier and clear a garden in Gardens and Graveyards.
    • Use this against rooted sunflowers and peashooters to make them easy targets and stop their hard-hitting abilities.

That wraps up this class variant guide for Soldier. If you have any questions, or see anything I might have missed, let me know in the comments!

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