Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Sunflower Ability Customization Guide

The Sunflower gets more offense with the new abilities. Also, more rainbows! This guide covers everything about the changes.

The Sunflower is a great healer in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, this is known, but it didn't have much on the offense side compared to other characters. That's where the new abilities come in. Although one ability is purely cosmetic, the other two greatly increase the damage that Sunflowers do.

I'll go over each new ability, differences between the old and new ones, and tips on using each. At the end of this guide you will not only be a support character, but a real damage dealer as well.

If you'd rather learn more about the basics of the Sunflower, check out my Sunflower Guide. For anything else Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare related go to my Master Guide List.

This guide will cover everything about the alternate abilities for Sunflower including:

  • Sunflower Alternate Abilities - What they are and what they do.
  • Ability Differences - How the new abilities compare to the old ones.
  • Ability Tips - When to use each version of the abilities and combat tips.
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Sunflower Alternate Abilities

The normal abilities for the Sunflower are: Heal Beam, Sunbeam, and Heal Flower. The alternate versions for these abilities are: Rainbow Heal Beam, Solar Flare Beam, Dark Flower.

Rainbow Heal Beam

The Rainbow Heal Beam changes the normal look of the Heal Beam to a rainbow. So fancy! That's about it. There is no other difference other than the way it looks.

If you feel like showing rainbow colors and get tired of looking at the plain yellow Heal Beam, then go for with this one.

Ability Tips

Nothing new, but here are a couple of healing tips people seem to miss. First of all, do it. You'd be surprised at how many Sunflowers just attack or stay in the back using Sunbeam.

  • It is good to go on the offensive, but healing and reviving teammates is your most important job as a Sunflower.
  • You can use the Heal Beam while attacking, so there really is no excuse. You just can't use it while using Sunbeam.
  • Stay around corners or out of sight if you can to make sure you don't die.

Solar Flare Beam

The Solar Flare Beam does more damage than the Sunbeam, but it does not last as long. Great for getting en extra bit of damage, or plowing down a group of Zombies.

Ability Tips

  • This is good to use when you want to kill things quickly, or can't stay rooted for long periods of time.
  • As a Sunflower, you move constantly, heal teammates, and revive them. This ability lets you get a lot of damage out, then go back to being a support champ.

Dark Flower

This is the biggest change to Sunflower and makes it more of an offensive role. The Dark Flower replaces the Heal Flower. Instead of healing, it shoots lasers at zombies. Now you have your very own turret!

Ability Tips

  • When you need a bit more offense on your team go with this one.
  • This is best used when playing with other Sunflowers and you get healed often. This is important because without the Heal Flower, you have no way to heal yourself.
  • Plant them in places hard to see or get to, not out in the open. You want them to do damage to the zombies, not get blown up as soon as you plant it.
  • Make sure it can actually reach the Zombies. Although secrecy is best, it does no good if it isn't even hitting anything.
  • Put them in range of other potted plants, but not too close. Combining it with other potted plants increases effectiveness, but you don't want multiple plants getting destroyed with one or two attacks.

That's it for the new Sunflower abilities. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments. If you want help with other things in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, visit my Master Guide List.

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