There's so much to do in Pocket Luna! Here's our guide for those who want to master the game and come on on top.

Pocket Luna Guide: Maximize Your Gold, Gems, Exp., and More

There's so much to do in Pocket Luna! Here's our guide for those who want to master the game and come on on top.

Pocket Luna by X.D. Global is an adorable mobile MMO with fluffy sheep mounts and full-body mascot catsuits. But don’t be fooled by its cutesy appearance: there’s a lot to do here. The game will keep you busy for a while running through quests, fighting in the arena, fishing, leveling your minions, patrolling the city, and so many more events and tasks.

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Getting started is fairly easy: just follow the tutorial prompts. But once you reach around level 10, you’re released into the game and mostly left to learn everything on your own.

Confused? Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff in this game? Let our guide lead you to Pocket Luna mastery!

Combat and Gameplay Tips

Combat in Pocket Luna is pretty straightforward — most of the time, auto-battle will handle the grunt work. In town, you can auto-walk to any quest points, special events, and other points of interest, so getting around is a cinch no matter where you are.

Still, there are a few things you should know as you proceed beyond the basics that the tutorial skims over or simply doesn’t mention:


There are three classes in the game: Warrior, Magician, and Assassin. Although you start the job you choose at the beginning (which you unlock at level four), you gain access to the other two jobs later.

More interestingly, you get the option to mix and match skills between two classes, allowing you to create a character unique to you and your play style.


All three classes have three main skills each for three elements. You quickly discover that you have to choose an element (and its skill-set) before entering combat.

It’s not immediately clear, but leveling one skill also levels it for every other element (so leveling the Assassin’s fire “Penetrate Pierce,” for instance, also levels his water “Deadly Spike” and wind “Heart Pierce.”)

There are no skill points, and instead, skills are leveled using money as your character levels up. Until they all reach level 15, there’s no need to be picky — level them all every chance you get.

As a nice bonus, the skill levels also carry over when you unlock the ability to switch between classes, so there’s no need to level them up again.


Auto-battle will cast spells and move for you, so there’s no need to do anything. However, you can still control your character while auto-battle is active, so you can select an enemy or cast a skill if you want to switch focus, which is useful in PvP.

Auto-battle will not dodge for you, and it will not Awaken your character, so when entering challenging battles, you’ll need to keep a close eye on things.

Upgrading Equipment

As long as there are materials for upgrading or refining any of your equipment, there will be a “!” over the Blacksmith icon. Don’t be fooled! It’s not worth upgrading anything that’s not at least purple grade — better yet, save it for any golden equips you come across.


It’s a good idea to level up and enhance all the minions you have. Minion levels and stats also increase your overall BR, which improves your standing in the game and nets you some rewards — so it’s definitely worth it!

Daily Pocket Luna Routine

There’s always something to do on Pocket Luna, which makes it easy to miss cool stuff and rewards. Here are six things you should remember to do every day, presented in the optimal order:

  1. Gift Center – Make sure to pick up your daily login bonus here. Also get your free energy refill for the day — there’s no limit on how much energy you can have (it can go beyond your maximum), so it won’t be wasted.
  2. Dimension Summon – Use your free summons when you log in (if you have any). You can do the free treasure summon every 10 minutes until you hit the cap, but free equipment and minion summons can only be done once the timer finished counting down. Check to see if you have a free summon daily!
  3. Buddy – Get lots of buddies for an energy boost. Make it a habit to send and receive energy to buddies every day.
  4. Daily Mission – Reaching the last treasure chest gets you 100 diamonds, so try to get there every day. You can get to the top without having to spend money or gems. A lot of the missions also earn you achievements and other rewards, which will help you overall. (Don’t forget to actually get the rewards!)
  5. Escaped Chest Monster, Pirate’s Treasure, and Crystal Sources Defender – All three are worth doing at least once daily as they’re by far the fastest way to get gold, minion experience liquid, and awaken materials. Check for timed events that also get you lots of materials in a quick run (at the time of writing, one awesome event is the Daily Chicken Feast, for getting handfuls of energy).
  6. Event Calendar – There’s an impressive number of daily timed events, and many of them are worth your time. If there’s an event going on when you log in, check it out!

After that, you can go on to your main quests, hang out with your guildmates, upgrade your minions and equipment, or simply walk around the city in a silly conga line for the city patrol event.

Although it’s more time-consuming, we also recommend that you do a run through of the Tower of Death, climbing higher every time you do. It’s worth the experience and gold and opens more places to raid for resources.

How to Make Gold, Gain Experience, and Earn Gems in Pocket Luna

Resources are key in Pocket Luna, and many can be acquired simply by advancing up the main quest. If you’re struggling to get enough gold, experience, or gems, check out the activities below! We’ve highlighted the resources you can get from each activity by bolding them in the text.

  • Stay online – You get rewarded with gold and other resources simply by staying online for certain amounts of time.
  • Check the Chat – Occasionally, the message at the top of the chat window contains a reward. Click on the green text to get gold in increasing increments, and eventually, get a handful of diamonds, too.
  • Escaped Chest Monster – Use this event to gain gold quickly. You can only enter on your own twice a day, but you can also be invited by buddies beyond that. Make friends for more chances to enter! 
  • Tower of Death – We mentioned this one before, but it’s a great way to get resources like gold and experience fast and it doesn’t use any energy (unless you’re raiding).
  • Escaped Chest Monster – Grab as much gold as you can! Join forces with a buddy for more rewards.
  • Reach the Final Chest in Daily Quests – This gets you a nice 100 diamonds.
  • Get 3 Stars on Each Exploration Area – Every level in Exploration has three submissions. Complete each one to get a top three-star rank for it, and do this for all the levels in each area to receive a total of 54 diamonds for each area (only once for each area).
  • Join a Guild – Joining a guild is a good idea in general, but it’s also a great way to each some extra experience through the hot-springs, guild quests, and more. 
  • Fight in the Arena – Aside from earning tokens for use on minion pieces, progressing in the arena gets you diamonds and other rewards.
  • Daily and Limited Time Events – This isn’t hard to figure out, but it’s important so we’re mentioning it! In addition to the tips we’ve mentioned, check the Event Calendar for more ideas. Each event clearly states when it’s available and whether you can get gold, experience, or diamonds from it.

Now you’ll never be without resources! Simply follow our tips for optimal daily playing and you’ll be on your way to the top in no time. 

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