Pocket Mortys Multiplayer Starter Guide

You all demanded it and now its here: multiplayer has arrived so you can battle other trainers and trade Mortys!

You all demanded it and now its here: multiplayer has arrived so you can battle other trainers and trade Mortys!

This has been the #1 question ever since Pocket Mortys was first released: when will this Pokemon-inspired game get the multiplayer mode it deserves? That answer finally is — right now!

Yep, you can finally trade Mortys and battle other Ricks (or Jerrys or Beths or Scary Terrys or many more!) on your quest to become the best Morty trainer in the multiverse!

Getting Started With Pocket Mortys Multiplayer

The game requires that you have 1 badge already earned in the campaign before you can engage in multiplayer. No big deal, you might be thinking, I’ve got dozens of badges! Well…. you might not.

I’m hoping this was a brief one-time bug that will get fixed, but just in case it isn’t you may want to hold off on updating to get multiplayer for a day or two. When I downloaded the update, my save game was wiped… and I lost all my Mortys and quest progress.

I’m typing through the pain right now to bring you this article. I imagine this is something like what Rick felt when having to watch Bird Person terribly die right in front of him.

     Welcome back to Level 1 🙁

Starting Avatars in Pocket Mortys Multiplayer Mode

Other than battling live players, the big draw in this update is getting new avatars besides different versions of Rick. The starting pool doesn’t have any mechanical or combat difference, and is solely for aesthetics. Here are your options:

  • Rick 
  • Floopy Doops
  • Paul Fleischman
  • Sleepy Garry
  • Governess Ava Rickinsocks

These aren’t the only options available, however. Much like the Rick skins in the base game, new avatars become available as you level up and explore multiplayer dimensions. 

After picking your starting avatar, be sure to pull up the main menu where a new “Challenges” icon can be found. Going a MMORPG route, there are now daily quests – everything from catching X wild Mortys to giving friends X number of Mortys in trades – offering up all sorts of goodies when completed.

How to Start a Battle in Pocket Mortys Multiplayer Mode

Once you’ve got your new avatar, it’s time to investigate the multiplayer hub, which serves the same purpose as the Citadel of Rick in the campaign mode. Your first order of business should be head south and west to watch ads with Mr. Meeseeks and get some random items and the new currency — Flurbos.

You’ll notice you only have two sad level 5 Mortys to begin with, and that won’t work, so before entering a dimension or fighting another live player, head North past all the buildings to find an area where wild Mortys roam. Buy a few manipulator chips and nab three more for a full party.

Want to initiate a multiplayer battle? Just walk up to any other player wandering around the hub and tap. They have 25 seconds to respond and a battle just like with any trainer in the campaign mode will begin.

Be careful though — players like to swap out Mortys for maximum effectiveness a lot more often than trainers, so make sure you’ve got a solid lineup of rock, paper, and scissors types!

    Don’t worry, there’s plenty more options available down the line!

Dimensions in Pocket Mortys Multiplayer Mode

Much like the campaign, there are multiple dimensions to explore in multiplayer mode — except these ones aren’t randomized. Instead, you pick a dimension, with new ones becoming available as you level up your avatar.

You read that correctly — now your Rick has a level as well, which goes up as you battle other players. More than a dozen new Mortys were added in this update as well, with some only spawning in certain dimensions (see full list below).

The current dimension lineup consists of:

  • Mortyland: Minimum level 1
  • Plumbubo Prime 51b: Minimum level 10
  • Mortopia: Minimum level 20
  • GF Mortanic: Minimmum level 30

    Picking a new dimension

New Mortys in Pocket Mortys Multiplayer Mode

Mortys 179 – 198 in the Deck were introduced with this multiplayer update and are (currently) only found in the multiplayer dimensions. They aren’t currently found in the wild during the campaign, although that’s likely to change in a future update. These new Mortys are listed in the table below, along with their types and the locations where you can find them.

Morty Type Location
179. Survivor Morty Rock Mortyland
180. Survivalist Morty Rock Mortyland
181. Wild Man Morty Rock Mortyland
182. Wild Mascot Morty Paper Mortyland
183. Animatronic Morty Scissors Mortyland
184. Plumbus Slave Morty Scissors Plumbubo Prime 51b
185. Plumbus Worker Morty Scissors Plumbubo Prime 51b
186. Plumbus Master Morty Scissors Plumbubo Prime 51b
187. Plumbus Prawn Morty Paper Plumbubo Prime 51b
188. Plumbonia Morty Rock Plumbubo Prime 51b
189. Armomaly Morty Rock Mortopia
190. Mutagen Morty Rock Mortopia
191. Carcinogen Morty Rock Mortopia
192. Mega Morty Paper Mortopia
193. Spliced Morty Scissors Mortopia
194. Crewman Morty Paper GF Mortanic
195. Ensign Morty Paper GF Mortanic
196. Lieutenant Morty Paper GF Mortanic
197. Mortaion Morty Scissors GF Mortanic
198. Mortox Morty Rock GF Mortanic


 Well, that’s certainly a new look for Morty!

Get Even More Out Of Pocket Mortys!

Stay tuned for full coverage on multiplayer, including the best tactics for how to beat other players! If you’re still trying out the campaign instead, be sure to check out the rest of our Pocket Mortys guides here on GameSkinny:

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