Pocket Mortys paper-type Morty deck guide

Look no further for a breakdown of every paper-type Morty and how to fully upgrade them!

Look no further for a breakdown of every paper-type Morty and how to fully upgrade them!

There may not be the whopping 700+ different kinds of Pokemon, but Pocket Mortys still kicked off this week with an impressive 82 varieties of Morty to find in the wild or acquire through upgrading.

Broken down into four main types — untyped, rock, paper, and scissors — each of the various types counter each other exactly as they sound like they would. A paper-type Morty will deal significantly more damage to a rock-type Morty, but will in turn deal much less damage to (and take much more damage from) a dreaded scissor-type Morty.

Below, we’ve listed out every last paper Morty in the entire game, with most found wandering around the random dimensions you explore when going through the green portal outside the Council Of Ricks. To get higher tier Mortys in the same grouping, you need to combine two of the same Mortys together at the Morty Daycare Center.

A handful of paper-type Mortys (mostly those with no upgrade ability) are found less frequently in the wild. You can still potentially pick these up and finish off your collection by spending coupons at the Blips And Chitz machine. Unfortunately, Blips And Chitz awards Mortys completely randomly, so the only way to collect them all is to keep buying more coupons. 

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Paper Type Mortys

Pocket Morty #5: Old Morty

This Morty remembers when the world used to be fields and he could fly his kite freely without the fear of it becoming stuck in a tree. Combine two of these together to get a Geriatric Morty.

Pocket Morty #6: Geriatric Morty

This Morty sits alone in his small room, looking through old photo albums at faces he can’t quite remember. He waits for the comfort only the grave can bring. Combine two of these geezers to get the Ancient Morty.

Pocket Morty #7: Ancient Morty

This Morty chose poorly. Dried up and dead to the world, only hatred, cruel fate, and years of modern food preservatives keep his wicked heart beating. You can’t upgrade any further here – this Morty is already on death’s door!

Ancient Morty

Pocket Morty #10: No Eye Morty

This Morty refuses to talk about his impairment, but some say he lost his eyes when his Rick tried to swap them out for his own. Somehow he also learns the Cry attack… which just doesn’t make any sense. Combining two No Eye Mortys together also gives you a One Eye Morty. No idea how that’s supposed to be work, but it does.

Pocket Morty #11: One Eye Morty

This Morty has never quite felt accepted amongst other Mortys. He hopes that they will one day see things the way he does. In a truly silly development for a Morty grouping that just can’t catch a break, combining two One Eye Mortys together gives you…a Three Eye Morty.

Pocket Morty #12: Three Eye Morty

This Morty has seen everything, but has yet to feel the warmth of a loving touch. Unfortunately, there’s no six-eyed Morty, as you can’t upgrade any further here.

Three Eye Morty

Pocket Morty #13: Test X1 Morty

This Morty was the first result in a series of experiments by a guilt-ridden Rick who spent his dying days trying to bring back his lost grandson. Combine two together to get a Test X46 Morty.

Pocket Morty #14: Test X46 Morty

This Morty was the second successful result in a series of experiments that led to the downfall and financial ruin of the creator. Combine two together to create a Test X72 Morty.

Pocket Morty #15: Test X72 Morty

This Morty is the result of a trans-dimensional pharmaceutical conglomerate’s further experimentation on a patented genome acquired through a hostile takeover. You can’t upgrade this Morty line any further.

Test X72 Morty

Pocket Morty #22: Ad Space Morty

This Morty is working for free for Jerry, and he hopes to never see another apple in his life. An in-game joke, he later turns into ads for both the other Rick And Morty title Jerry’s Game, as well as an ad for the very Pocket Mortys you are currently playing! Combine two Ad Space Mortys together to get a Jerry’s Game Morty.

Pocket Morty #23: Jerry’s Game Morty

This Morty is not ashamed to promote other games with his name in it. Combine two together and grab yourself a Pocket Mortys Morty!

Pocket Morty #24: Pocket Mortys Morty

This super meta Morty feels a little self-promotion could go a long way. The advancement scheme for these Mortys ends here, though.

The very meta Pocket Mortys Morty

Pocket Morty #25: Blue Shirt Morty

What’s the best way to distinguish yourself from those other Mortys? Wear a different color shirt! The various shirt Mortys are found commonly in the mid-levels of the game, making it easy to upgrade all the way up the shirt chain. 

Pocket Morty #26 Red Shirt Morty

This Morty finds the color red powerful like the blood that runs through all Mortys’ veins. Combine two to get an Orange Shirt Morty.

Pocket Morty #27: Orange Shirt Morty

This Morty wears a shirt that makes him look like a carrot to distant rabbits that may be looking on from the forest, where all rabbits who think such things hide. Combine two together and get a Green Shirt Morty.

Pocket Morty #28: Green Shirt Morty

This Morty wears a shirt of the purest green. Mix two at the Morty Daycare Center and you’ll get a Purple Shirt Morty.

Pocket Morty #29: Purple Shirt Morty

This Morty wears a purple shirt he was given when he attended a seminar on power dressing a few months before the release of this game. Combining two together results in the ultimate Rainbow Shirt Morty.

Pocket Morty #30: Rainbow Shirt Morty

We’ve finally reached the end of the Shirt Morty upgrade chain! This one has some killer stats, so the long path to reach this point is well worth the wait.

Rainbow Shirt Morty

Pocket Morty #37: Peace Morty

This Morty hopes to spread love throughout the world and he buys all his clothes from a thrift shop. Combine two together to get a Hippie Morty.

Pocket Morty #38 Hippie Morty

This Morty makes his own tie dye T-shirts and sells them at the local park. Two Hippie Mortys combined together make an Off The Grid Morty.

Pocket Morty #39: Off The Grid Morty

This Morty spends most of his time tied to a tree. He believes the leaves will cleanse the mistakes of his past. You don’t get any more hippy than this, so the upgrade chain ends here.

Off The Grid Morty

Pocket Morty #43: Spooky Morty

This Morty hides in the cupboards of empty rooms and cuts holes in the family bed sheets. He is cold to the touch and can never return home again. Combine two to get a Ghostly Morty.

Pocket Morty #44: Ghostly Morty

This Morty floats over freshly dug graves and can be seen in south facing mirrors on full moon nights during the month of October. Combine two at the Daycare Center to get the fully upgrade Phantom Morty.

Pocket Morty #45: Phantom Morty

This Morty will visit you at 2 in the morning if you leave the game running in front of a mirror in a empty room. There are no further upgrades past this point.

Phantom Morty

Pocket Morty #68: Business Morty

This Morty is never late for a meeting, but has never made it home in time for his son’s birthday party. He is hopeful for a promotion, but will never get one, as he can’t be upgraded. He can be acquired using Blips And Chitz coupons.

Business Morty

Pocket Morty #72: Aqua Morty

This Morty comes from a family of fish people. While he is a vegan, he secretly enjoys chicken on Fridays. Aqua Morty can be acquired using Blips And Chitz coupons.

Aqua Morty

Pocket Morty #75: Cowboy Morty

This Morty is from a dimension where a series of very unlikely geopolitical events coupled with an incredibly popular dance craze caused everyone to dress like cowboys. You can acquire Cowboy Morty using Blips and Chitz coupons.

Cowboy Morty

Pocket Morty #80 Mascot Morty

This Morty can often be seen hyping up the crowd, but he’s frankly not that useful in combat. You can get him after acquiring 40 badges and completing a quest involving the VR Headset.

Mascot Morty

That’s all the paper-typed Mortys found across the game – stay tuned for our final list on the scissors Mortys coming soon!

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