Pocket Mortys rock-type and un-typed Morty deck guide

From Scruffy Morty to Cronenberg Morty, we list out every last rock-type and un-typed Morty in the game!

In the infinite dimensions explored by mad scientist Rick and his useful but unsuspecting grandson Morty, there are an equally an infinite number of doubles to be found, from No Mercy Morty to Hippy Morty and even more bizarre instances.

Pocket Mortys - reviewed here - tasks you will collecting 'em all (well, OK, only 82 of them) so you can battle other trainer Ricks, earn every last badge, and eventually defeat the snooty Council Of Ricks.

To acquire new Mortys, you need a steady supply of Morty Manipulator Chips, which can be bought from Salesman Rick or made at the crafting station (check out our complete list of crafting recipes here for full details). Keep as many of these on-hand as possible, and don't forget to pick up duplicates of Mortys you already own.

You need two of the same type of Morty to upgrade to the next tier, but you then need two of the upgraded type to finally get the third-tier Morty in a group. What this essentially means is that you'll need six of the same type of Morty to get all the way to the third tier, unless you luck out and find two of the upgraded second tier Mortys in the wild. Although you usually want doubles, immediately stop grabbing more of that same type once you hit tier 3, as there's no point in having any more taking up room in the Morty Daycare.

Because the alternate dimensions are random, there's usually not a sure-fire location to grab each type of Morty. You'll just have to keep heading into the portal and battling until you find the one you want. Don't forget, you can always intentionally lose a battle and get sent back to the Council Of Ricks by Birdperson, at which point you can re-enter the portal and get new randomized enemies. Mortys with upgrade paths are usually harder to find in the wild - but these Mortys can still be acquired randomly by using Blips And Chitz coupons if you are lucky.

When upgrading your stable of Mortys, keep in mind that they don't start with all their attacks automatically. You have to level them to gain new attacks, so upgraded Mortys won't always be significantly more effective in combat straight off the bat until you spend some time with them. Always keep the type in mind as well, as a lower stat Morty of an opposing type will still be more powerful. For instance, even a lower level paper Morty is usually going to trounce a higher level rock-type Morty.

Below is a full list of all the un-typed and rock-type Mortys, grouped according to how they evolve when you combine them at the Morty Daycare. You might instead be looking for:

Un-typed Mortys

Pocket Morty #1: Your Morty (Don't Lose Him!)

Your very first Morty has solid stats, but will eventually be outstripped by new Mortys. You want to keep him around though, as there's always going to be instances where the enemy Rick has opposing typed-Mortys that will quickly take you down. Your un-typed base Morty won't do a ton of extra damage, but also won't take a ton of extra damage, making him a reliable standby in all situations.

Your base Morty

Pocket Morty #79: Cronenberg Morty

The disgusting Cronenberg Morty is the only other un-typed Morty in the entire game, and his stats are amazing. He is rarely found while exploring other dimensions, but can be acquired randomly by using Blips And Chitz coupons. Its possible for him to even become better than the One True Morty, so if you get this one through the Blips And Chitz machine, put him in your entourage immediately! 

The Terrifying Cronenberg Morty

Rock Type Mortys

Pocket Morty #2: Scruffy Morty

This Morty has never much cared for his appearance. Mix two together to get an Unkempt Morty.

Pocket Morty #3: Unkempt Morty

This Morty refuses to take a bath or brush his teeth. He also appreciates the health benefits of garlic. Combine two to get a Hobo Morty.

Pocket Morty #4: Hobo Morty

This Morty lurks around inner city parks waiting to touch unsupervised dogs without the owners consent. He doesn't upgrade past this point.

Hobo Morty

Pocket Morty #16: Self Defense Morty

This Morty used to get beaten up every day on his way to school. He decided to take self defense classes to boost his confidence and physical strength. Combine two to get the Karate Morty.

Pocket Morty #17: Karate Morty

This Morty is a dedicated practitioner of karate spending 12 hours a day working on his forms, sparring, and strength training. This Morty loves karate more than life. Combine two to get the No Mercy Morty.

Pocket Morty #18: No Mercy Morty

This Morty has been corrupted by the power he feels in his arms and legs, he will show you no mercy if you do not follow the way of the fist. There is no fear in his Dojo or his heart. He doesn't upgrade past this point.

No Mercy Morty

Pocket Morty #34: Spoon Morty

He's a Morty and he's holding a spoon. What else is there to know? Combine two of them somehow gets you a Fork Morty (couldn't you just hand him a fork instead?).

Pocket Morty #35: Fork Morty

This Morty holds a fork. He doesn't seem very bright. Combine two to get a...Spork Morty?!? Somehow combining a Spon Morty with a Fork Morty doesn't give the same result.o

Pocket Morty #36: Spork Morty

Why does holding a spork make you look so... evil? There's no upgrade past the ultimate Spork Morty.

Spork Morty

Pocket Morty #40: Big Head Morty

This Morty was not given a great start in life. He hopes to one day be a great singer. Combine two to get a Giant Head Morty.

Pocket Morty #41: Giant Head Morty

This Morty has lost all sense of smell and feels no pain. His medical condition is not recognized amongst Ricks. Combine two of them to get the Colossal Head Morty.

Pocket Morty #42: Colossal Head Morty

This Morty regrets playing in toxic waste. His Rick has since disowned him and doesn't even write home. There's no upgrade past this point.

Colossal  Head Morty

Pocket Morty #49: Greaser Morty

This Morty was the leader of the pack, rebelling against whatever you've got. He lost everything in a grease fire and had to sell his bike to keep himself in leathers. Combining two together gets you a Biker Morty.

Pocket Morty #50: Biker Morty

This Morty was born to be wild -- a son of the open road, a life of hard living and hard women with his back to the wind and grit in this teeth, forever riding into the desert sun. Biker Morty doesn't upgrade further.

Biker Morty

Pocket Morty #54: Buff Morty

This Morty doesn't know when enough is enough. He plays rough and won't take no for an answer. Combine two to get a Wrestler Morty.

Pocket Morty #55: Wrestler Morty

This Morty can cut a promo like the best of them. But he was forced to retire after a botched suplex from the top rope broke his neck. He doesn't upgrade any further.

Wrestler Morty

Pocket Morty #59: Magic Morty

This Morty is deceitful. He lied on his exam paper and didn't finish his vegetables when he said he had. Combine two of them to get the Mystic Morty.

Pocket Morty #60: Mystic Morty

This Morty claims he can read minds. He says he found out his Rick's dark secrets and turned him into the council. Combine two to get a Wizard Morty.

Pocket Morty #61: Wizard Morty

This Morty enjoys role playing. He uses it as an escape from the real world where he can be a powerful wizard and rule entire lands. This is far as this upgrade tier goes.

Wizard Morty

Pocket Morty #65: Swimmer Morty

This Morty feels more at home in the water. He can hold his breath underwater for 3 minutes and 37 seconds. Combine two to get a Mermaid Morty.

Pocket Morty #66: Mermaid Morty

This Morty is sometimes thought to be a myth. He sits on rocks and lures fisherman to their doom. Combine two to get a terrifying Reverse Mermaid Morty!

Pocket Morty #67: Reverse Mermaid Morty

This Morty is an experiment gone wrong. His Rick was driven mad by the allure of the mythical Mermaid Morty and wanted his own. Thankfully this line ends here, and there's nothing above the insane Reverse Mermaid Morty.

Reverse Mermaid Morty

Pocket Morty #69: Gaseous Morty

This Morty is from a dimension where it is possible to have really REALLY bad gas. He can be acquired by using Blips and Chitz coupons, and is awarded randomly.

Gaseous Morty

Pocket Morty #74: Mini Morty

This Morty comes from a tiny world created by another Rick. His tiny world was destroyed when that Rick mistook it for a pizza slice. This Morty wants vengeance for the loss of his people. He can be acquired by using Blips and Chitz coupons.Mini Morty

Pocket Morty #77: Hammerhead Morty

This Morty is always there to help. Designed by an award winning Rick, he was the first in a long line of workbench Mortys. He can be acquired by using Blips and Chitz coupons and is awarded randomly. Keep buying more tickets!

Hammerhead Morty

Pocket Morty #81: Egg Morty

Egg Morty is acquired through a side quest granted by Masy Kallerax after acquiring your eighth badge and is never found randomly or given by the Blips And Chitz machine.

He's utterly useless in combat, so to level him up to the point he'll turn into the One True Morty. You can put him first in line for each combat and then immediately swap him out so he gets a small amount of experience (which will take forever). For a faster leveling method, use Level Up Mega Seeds, which can be made at the crafting station. See our recipe guide here for info on crafting these instant-leveling items.

Egg Morty - What's Inside?!?

Pocket Morty #82: The One True Morty

The absolute powerhouse rock type, you can only get The One True Morty by leveling the useless Egg Morty to level 20. A god among Mortys, he is only overshadowed by the type-less Cronenberg Morty.

The One True Morty!

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Published Jan. 17th 2016
  • Susan_5130
    So far, my One True Morty is fairly useless, even after levelling him up to 23.
  • Aaron_8747
    The Biker Mortys do not combine to become a Wrestler Morty. They can't even be combined.
  • Ty Arthur
    Featured Contributor
    ?? It doesn't say to combine Biker Mortys anywhere....
  • Tim_7812
    The mini morty can be acquired through random combat and not just blips and chitz. That is how I acquired mine. I wish I had video evidence but both as he is the only one I had seen before I had searched for him and that is was on android... yeah. Believe me or not but he is something that can be collected extremely rarely with a mind control chip.
  • Andrew_3649
    Take a lot of this info with a grain of salt. For example, I've caught a cronenberg morty out in the wild and the egg evolves into the one true morty at lvl 20
  • Ty Arthur
    Featured Contributor
    Now that I'm looking it up I'm seeing everyone list it as level 20, but that didn't happen for me. I'm wondering if something changed in an update or if my game glitched out somehow?

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