We cover every single Scissors-typed Morty found in the game and how to upgrade them to their full potential!

Pocket Mortys scissors-type Morty deck guide

We cover every single Scissors-typed Morty found in the game and how to upgrade them to their full potential!
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The many versions of Morty to be collected in Pocket Mortys are broken down into several different types, each of which can counteract the others. While the two un-typed Mortys are well-rounded combatants that can take on any type, you need to strategically place a good number of rock, paper, and scissors-type Mortys in your group if you want to beat other Ricks and become the multiverse’s best trainer!

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Here we break down every single scissors-type Morty to be found in the game, arranged in ascending order of number and grouped by how they upgrade into more powerful forms.

Most Mortys are found simply by exploring alternate dimensions while on your quest to collect more badges, and many can be upgraded to new forms by combining two of the same type together at the Morty Daycare Center. Higher numbered Mortys without any upgrade capability tend to be found less frequently. In this case, you can try your luck by buying Blips And Chitz coupons, as every one used awards you a random Morty.

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Scissors Type Mortys

Pocket Morty #8: Rabbit Morty

This Morty was bitten by a radioactive bunny and now turns into a rabbit every time a carrot is near. Unfortunately, he is from a dimension where humans evolved from carrots. Combine two to get the Donnie Darko-themed Evil Rabbit Morty.

Pocket Morty #9: Evil Rabbit Morty

This Morty is an evil cosplayer from a dimension where Halloween is held 340 days a year. His rabbit costume used to be pink and cute but faded to a dull gray from overuse. There are no additional upgrades past this version.

Evil Rabbit Morty
Pocket Morty #19 Mustache Morty

This Morty will take any opportunity to display his fine facial hair and has even won trophies for it. He’s not the best performing Morty or the most pleasant to look at, but he’s got potential when upgrading. Combine two together to get a Beard Morty.

Pocket Morty #20 Beard Morty

This Morty works in a very trendy part of town. He enjoys a nice burrito on Fridays, which probably gets all up in his beard. Combine two to get the top-tier Hipster Morty.

Pocket Morty #21 Hipster Morty

This Morty doesn’t care what you think of him. He already knows he is cool. Of course he learns the Sneer ability! You can’t upgrade him any futher.

Hipster Morty!

Pocket Morty #31 Exo-Alpha Morty

This mutated Morty is a nobody in his dimension. He lives in the sewers and has tea parties with rats. At level 14 he gets the upgraded Snippet attack, which does more damage, but has fewer AP available to us. Combine two together to get an Exo-Omega Morty.

Pocket Morty #32 Exo-Omega Morty

This mutated Morty has earned the respect of his peers and is learning to live a normal life. You can ruin that by combining two together and getting the fully upgraded Exo-Prime Morty.

Pocket Morty #33 Exo-Prime Morty

This mutated Morty is believed to be a horrible tyrant in his dimension. What he lacks in good looks he makes up for in strength. This is the final upgrade level for the Exo-Mortys.

Exo-Prime Morty

Pocket Morty #46 Double Morty

This Morty stood too near the bio-magnetic field of the Morty Multiplication generator his Rick created, while also having a penny in his pocket. While stat boost powers tend to be useless in battle, Double Morty’s Protect ability is slightly more effective than many others at raising defense. Combine two Double Mortys together to get a Triple Morty.

Pocket Morty #47 Triple Morty

This Morty fell over and touched the supercooled computer casing of the Morty Multiplication generator his Rick created, while also looking in a mirror. Combine two of these together to get the monstrous Multi Morty.

Pocket Morty #48 Multi Morty

This Morty was caught in the shockwave caused by interference with the Morty Multiplication generator and is forever stuck in a 5 dimensional Morty Multiplication feedback loop. You can’t upgrade past this point.

Multi Morty

Pocket Morty #51 Stray Cat Morty

This Morty believes his Rick is trapped inside the mind of a cat. His Rick is actually in an annoying inter-dimensional game of hide and seek. Combine two together to (obviously) get the Two Cat Morty.

Pocket Morty #52 Two Cat Morty

This Morty has adopted two cats. He is unaware that they are actually alien parasites trying to control his mind. Combine two together at the Daycare to get the fully upgraded Crazy Cat Morty.

Pocket Morty #53 Crazy Cat Morty

This Morty has found fulfilling friendship in his feline companions and he now struggles to socialize with humans. There’s no further upgrades – he’s already as crazy as they come.

Crazy Cat Morty

Pocket Morty #56 Veiny Morty

Veiny Morty asked his Rick for help in biology class but has regretted it ever since. This very unpleasant Morty isn’t totally defenseless though – he does get the Harden ability. Combine two of these together for a No Skin Morty.

Pocket Morty #57 No Skin Morty

This Morty asked his Rick to create a powerful spot removal cream for his acne but has regretted it ever since. When will the Mortys ever learn? Combine two together and you’ll get a Skeleton Morty.

No Skin Morty

Pocket Morty #58 Skeleton Morty

Morty #58 asked his Rick for help with a Halloween costume but has regretted it ever since. Although it seems like the Spooky Morty (paper type) or Gaseous Morty (rock type) might be related, there’s no upgrades past this point.

Pocket Morty #62 Telepathic Morty

This Morty woke up with a bad headache and a scar on his head. He is convinced he saw Rick leaving his room. Although less powerful than Mind Rage, his Plasma Burst ability is typeless and can be used against an opposing type of Morty. Mix two Telepathic Mortys to get a Telekinetic Morty.

Pocket Morty #63 Telekinetic Morty

This Morty was expelled from school when he accidentally crushed his teacher after concentrating on a math problem too hard. Combine two together and you’ll get a Psychokinetic Morty!

Pocket Morty #64 Psychokinetic Morty

This Morty has been seen moving whole planets with his mind. He can also make a cheese sandwich without touching the bread. Don’t bother grabbing a second one of these Scanners-themed Mortys, as they can’t be combined and upgraded.

Psychokinetic Morty

Pocket Morty #70 Sausage Morty

This Morty fell into a meat processing machine when out on a school visit to a factory. He has no upgrade capability.

Sausage Morty

Pocket Morty #71 Shadow Morty

This Morty has lost his true form. He wanders around aimlessly looking for himself, unaware that his body was buried many years ago. Shadow Morty can’t be combined and upgraded.

Shadow Morty

Pocket Morty #73 Cyclops Morty

This Morty was extradited from his home world after he caused a nuclear silo to explode. You only need to collect one, as he can’t be upgraded to a new form.

Cyclops Morty

Pocket Morty #76 Robot Morty

This Morty claims he is a real boy. It is unknown if his software has malfunctioned or if he really does contain the mind of a real Morty. You can’t upgrade Robot Morty any further.

Robot Morty

Pocket Morty #78 Guard Morty

This Morty lives a strict life of rules and 5am starts. He dreams of one day leaving this life behind and living in the country with a cow named Daisy. He can’t be upgraded to a different form.

Guard Morty

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