Pokemon Come to Minecraft With Pixelmon

A successful combination of two successful games

A successful combination of two successful games

Anyone who is old enough to be able to read this most likely have some relation to Pokémon. Either you were a total fanatic (like me) who used to play Pokémon on Nintendo GameBoy all day long, or perhaps you found yourself sometime watching Pokémon on TV but don’t have that much knowledge about it. Either way, I’m willing to bet you know what Pokémon is because it has been incredible popular for soon 20 years (obviously with its ups and downs).

Besides Pokémon, I’m also a huge fan of Minecraft. Recently, I found out about Pixelmon, which is a modification for Minecraft. I never before even considered someone would combine Minecraft with Pokémon, but I’m amazed at the result–and I know for a fact this is already a huge success, as there are multiple servers supporting Pixelmon and Google Trends is a solid proof of the recent uprise in popularity.

Pixelmon should be played together with friends. It’s a great deal of fun going out and battling other players with your own Pokémon, and there is also a leveling system to make sure players have something to strive for – to become the very best! Any feature which you expect of a Minecraft Pokémon modification exists in Pixelmon. Poké balls must be crafted and Pokémon are out in the wild, just as you would expect.

If you are interested in learning more about Pixelmon I recommend the following links:

  • The official website for the mod. News, downloads and an active forum
  • The official wiki for Pixelmon. Here you will find tutorials and other useful information.
  • A server list for Pixelmon servers

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