How to earn Festival Coins from plaza guests.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide: Festival Plaza Guests

How to earn Festival Coins from plaza guests.
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The Festival Plaza is an online hub where you can buy items, trade, and battle. At times, you will be visited by guests, NPC versions of other players. When you walk up to them, they will have either blue or red speech bubbles. Only those with red speech bubbles can give you Festival coins to spend in the plaza. To get those coins, you’ll need to satisfy their requests based on what the speech bubble says.

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If the speech bubble says:

You need to:

Battle! Battle!

Look and judge their stats

Do you know how I feel?

Pick a random shop

Do you understand?

Look and judge their stats

Do you want to know a secret?

Listen to their secret. (You must also have a secret to share.)

I’m hungry

Pick a restaurant

I want my Pokémon to play

Pick a Bouncy House or Haunted House

I want to be excited

Pick a Bouncy House, Lottery Shop, or Haunted House

I want to make my Pokémon happy

Pick a Restaurant, Bouncy House, or Haunted House

I want to meet! I want to meet!

Look at their stats compared to other plaza guests

I want to see great moves!

Pick a Restaurant, Bouncy House, or Dye Shop

I want to shop

Pick a Store

I want to treat myself!

Pick a Store, Fortune Teller, or Lottery Shop

Listen! Listen!

Listen to what the guest says

Tell me! Tell me!

Answer their question about you

To make things a bit easier, here’s a list of facilities guests can be sent to.

Facility Type

Specific Shops

Bouncy House

Clink-Clunk Land

Stomp-Stomp House

Phew-Phew Gym

Thump-Bump Park


Big Dreams

Gold Rush

Treasure Hunt


Rare Kitchen

Battle Table

Friendship Café

Friendship Parlor

Haunted House

Ghosts’ Den

Trick Room

Confuse Ray

Dye Shops

Team Red

Team Yellow

Team Green

Team Blue

Team Orange

Team Navy Blue

Team Purple

Team Pink

Fortune Teller

Kanto Tent

Johto Tent

Hoenn Tent

Sinnoh Tent

Unova Tent

Kalos Tent

Pokémon House


Ball Shop

General Store

Battle Store

Soft Drink Parlor


Effort Shop

They’ll give a few coins at first, but guests that visit again will give more FC, so be sure to check back daily for these easy coins to spend on shops!

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