Want to learn how to play the icy speed freak, Weavile? Then, check this guide out!

Pokken Tournament Guide: Weavile Basics and Combos

Want to learn how to play the icy speed freak, Weavile? Then, check this guide out!
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Weavile is a Speed type in Pokken Tournament — and boy does he live up to it. He can zip past opponents, then hit them with claws of steel so fast that they’ll be like, “Stop the fight, there’s five of them in here!”.

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If you want to be a Speed Freak and assault your opponents with so many hits that they forget what game they are playing, then this guide is for you. For anything else related to Pokken Tournament, check out the Beginner Tips and Tricks.

This guide will go over everything about Weavile in Pokken Tournament including:

  • Weavile Basics – How he plays, strengths, and weaknesses. Also, good support and cheer skills to use with this Pokemon.
  • Weavile Combos – Example combos you can use.

Weavile Basics

So you already know that Weavile is the guy you go to for speed, but what else is going on? Well, he has lower HP at 540, and weaker defense.

His attacks don’t do a lot on their own, but who cares when you are hitting them with a hundred attacks! Really though, it will take a lot of attacks to take down your opponent, so use his speed to your advantage and don’t get hit.

It is lights out for Weavile if you get hit by a few combos, so don’t let your opponent get the better of you. While in Field Phase, you can use Side+Y to lay ice traps. If your opponent runs into them, they freeze and you can rush in for a free attack.

Weavile has combos that hit so many times, so it is good to be in Duel Phase, but it is risky since he can’t take a lot of damage. Anticipating your opponent and winning the rock-paper-scissors match of attacking, throwing, or countering at the right time is key.

Since Weavile is a Speed type, he fills up the Synergy Gauge very fast. You can use it twice in a single round if it goes on long enough.

His strength lies in the extra damage and Synergy Burst attack, so be sure to activate every time it is ready. The Burst attack is an anti-air area attack, so it is pretty easy to hit people or combo into it.

Pokken Tournament Weavile Synergy Burst

Support Pokemon and Cheer Skill

I usually go with the reliable Cubone and Diglett support. Cubone is great for bringing enemies close to you if they are keeping their distance, and Diglett is good for getting in and setting up combos.

I also find that Croagunk and Sylveon can be useful on Pokemon that have a lot of defense or attack. Croagunk will lower their Defense, while Sylveon increases yours and heals you. Check out my Support Pokemon and Cheer Skill guide for more info.

For Cheer Skills, Standard or Support are good. I usually don’t need a boost to Synergy, so the extra charge on Support comes in handy.

Weavile Combos

Below is a list of some combos you can do with Weavile.

  • Up+X, Y,Y,X, Cancel with A,A,A,A
    • He does a high slash, goes into a Poké combo, then press A to cancel that last animation into another good combo.
  • Up+Y, Midair A ~ Down+Back+B,R, Forward+A
    • This is a unique one. He uppercuts the opponent, then press A while in the air to form an ice platform.
    • Press Down+Back+B to launch the ice at the opponent, then R to drop to the ground quickly.
    • Finish with an overhead slash from Forward+A
  • Back+A, Y,Y,Y,Y (Can also combo into other things, including Burst attack after the Back+A)
    • This is a standard, easy combo. Back+A can be charged and it pushed Weavile back while doing it, so you can catch your opponent off guard.
  • Hold X, Cancel with Up+A, Hold A
    • This is may to tough to get off, but if you get the initial hit, just quickly press Up+A to cancel the animation into an Ice Punch and Hold A for a follow-up attack.
    • Sometimes the follow-up attack can surprise opponents and land even if you miss the previous attacks.

That’s it for my Weavile Basics and Combos guide for Pokken Tournament. Let me know if you have any questions!

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