Population Zero Guide: Locations for Essential Resources

Here are the locations for the most essential resources for crafting items in Population Zero.

Here are the locations for the most essential resources for crafting items in Population Zero.
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To craft items in Population Zero, you’ll have to unlock technologies in the tech tree. But once those technologies become available, you’ll need to obtain essential resources to actually craft items. 

Below, you will find a list of resources and their exact locations on the map. We provide you with tips and tricks on how to handle certain extreme areas while farming for the given resources. Hopefully, this guide will save you a lot of time and effort. 

Population Zero Guide: Locations for Essential Resources

Resource: Bractus
  • Sector: F16

To craft your first piece of armor, you will need resin from the Bractus plant, which grows on small islands in the swamps of sector F16.

Use a simple stone knife to harvest the plants. Bractus allows you to craft thin and thick leather.

Resource: Salt
  • Sector: P19

In the deserted area, you will find many salt pillars that can be broken down with a simple pickaxe. Sector P19 has the highest concentration of salt in the game.

This area is extremely hot, so if you start losing health, duck into the shadows of the big rocks or stand in the water to cool down.

Resource: Metal
  • Sector: M17

The best way to get metal is to collect the hull fragments, which can be turned into metal at the crafting station.

The largest deposit of hull fragments is located in sector M17, where you’ll find the wreckage of a spaceship. 

Resource: Merid Carapace
  • Sector: Desert

When you enter the northern part of the map  a desert biome  you will notice little Merid monsters slinking under the shallow layer of sand.

You can easily beat them using a Bone Axe or a Bone Sword. They will drop the Merid Carapace resource.

Resource: Thorium
  • Sector: M19

Thorium is a blue stone, which can be mined as a part of a quest given by Radov at the hub.

Go to sector M19 for the largest deposit of Thorium stones, and use the pickaxe to break them apart.

Resource: Green Moss
  • Sector: G4

Green moss grows on the skeleton of a giant creature located in the swamp biome. This area is toxic, so bring along a gas mask and some detox food for survival.

Resource: Limestone
  • Sector: G12

The area with limestone deposits is right between the cold and the warm biomes. You don’t need a Thermal Suit to get limestone; simply harvest a little bit at a time and quickly get back to the warm side. Rinse and repeat.

Resource: Cryopod Battery
  • Sector: G8

This is a cold area, but the geyser can warm you up. You will see the remains of a space ship with cryopod batteries scattered all over the place near the geyser.

Follow the same strategy as before. Jump into the cold biome, snatch a few batteries, and go back to the geyser to warm up.

That’s it on essential resources for crafting in Population Zero. For more, be sure to check out our other Population Zero guides.

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