Population Zero: How to Find Blue Essence

This guide shows you how to find Blue Essence in Population Zero, an important crafting material that's somewhat hard to locate.

Some of the materials in Population Zero are more obscure than others. However, it would be hard to survive without those rare materials. One of them is the elusive Blue Essence, which can be used in several important ways. This guide will show you how to find Blue Essence in Population Zero.

Blue Essence is mainly used for crafting Concentrated Blue Essence, which is used in several types of equipment. Follow our instructions below if you want to collect the Blue Essence material.

How to Find Blue Essence in Population Zero

Blue Essence appears on large roots, which can be found in the cold biomes of sectors E10 and E12. These roots are very rare and hard to find, but if you go to these locations, you should be able to extract a lot of Blue Essence.

These large roots usually grow on cliffsides and hills. Though some roots are on the ground, making for easy extraction, some are high up on cliffsides and hills, making them very difficult to reach. 

Luckily, you don't need any special equipment to collect Blue Essence. Just walk up to the roots and press the "E" key to interact, and the Essence will go straight into your inventory.

However, since the biomes in which Blue Essense is found are very cold, it is recommended to equip a Thermal Suit before venturing out. Without the suit, your character can die very quickly.

You can also use Warming Stew as a source of food, which will not only satiate your hunger but also prevent you from freezing. When you have both the suit and the stew, you are ready to collect the Blue Essence.


That's it on how to find Blue Essence in Population Zero. For more, be sure to check out our other Population Zero guides.


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Published May. 12th 2020

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