Can't get in a safe or access a locked section of Talos I? We cover every password and keycode in the game!

Prey: Complete Guide to Safe Codes and Door Keycodes

Can't get in a safe or access a locked section of Talos I? We cover every password and keycode in the game!
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Shooter-stealth -RPG mashup Prey is here to test your prowess in solving puzzles and taking down horrifying alien enemies in space (read our full review here). You are pretty much guaranteed to miss significant portions of the game world going through blind the first time, but don’t worry: we’ve got you covered with guides on every aspect of exploring Talos 1!

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We already covered how to find the secret Stun Gun in the Neurmod Division, and now its time for a full breakdown of the safe codes and door lock keycodes for all those players who can’t be bothered to do the sleuthing necessary to discover these passwords themselves!

Some safe and door keycodes are always the same, while others are randomized between each playthrough of the main story. Obviously, we can’t list the specific answers for these passwords, since there are too many of them to guess through.

However, for these changing codes, rather than including a number that might not work in your playthrough, instead, we’ve listed specifically where you can locate the code on your own by reading notes, checking emails on computer terminals, or listening to audio logs left on TranScribes throughout Talos 1.

Prey Code Master List

Main Area Specific Lock / Keycode Code or Location
 Neuromod Division Simulation Debriefing Safe  5150
(discovered by watching the video in Morgan Yu’s office and turning to the whiteboard)
Neuromod Division  Security Booth   Read the note near Divya Naaz’s body
Talos 1 Lobby  Volunteer Quarters Door  Read the “Volunteer Attitude” email on Bianca Goodwin’s computer
 Talos 1 Lobby  Pilot’s Lounge (in Staff Lounge)  Listen to Octavia Figgs’ TranScribe device 
 Talos 1 Lobby  Morgan Yu’s Office  0451
(January specifically tells you this one audibly during the main story)
 Talos 1 Lobby  Devries Safe (Trauma Center)  7324
Talos 1 Lobby   Security Safe (Security Room)  0526
(a reference to the Bible verse found near the safe)
 Talos 1 Lobby IT Department   0913
Talos 1 Lobby  Holding Room  1129
Talos 1 Lobby  Psychotronics Armory   8714 
 Hardware Lab Thorstein’s Office  Read the “You’re in Charge” email on a computer
 Hardware Lab Machine Shop Supply Closet  Read the “If you need Supplies” email at the Small Scale Testing computer
 Hardware Lab Ballistic Safe   Look for a note underneath the grate in the corner (requires Leverage 1 skill)
 Talos Exterior Supply Closet (Machine Shop)  Listen to Dr. Calvino’s TranScribe device
 Talos Exterior Dr. Igwe Cargo Container  2312
G.U.T.S.  Maintenance Tunnel  Read a note on the body of Kimberly Bomo
 G.U.T.S. Safe (Magnetosphere Control Room)   Move the roll of toilet paper in the nearby bathroom to reveal a note
Crew Quarters  Fitness Center  Read the “New Gym Code” email at the Security Station computer
Crew Quarters  Calvino’s Safe  Listen to Audio Log 3 on Calvino’s computer
 Crew Quarters Mail Room  Look for a note at the Anders Kline habitation pod
Crew Quarters  Kitchen Freezer  Watch the cook unlock the freezer
 Crew Quarters Executive Suite   Read the “Food Request for Alex” email on Will Mitchell’s computer and the “Personal Training Session” email on Emma Beatty’s computer
 Deep Storage Stairwell  Read the note next to Zachary West’s computer 
Deep Storage  Safe (Command Center)   Read the note behind Danielle Sho’s computer
 Cargo Bay Security Safe (Quartermaster’s Office)  Talk to Sarah Elezar in Cargo Bay A
 Power Plant Monitoring Parts Storage  Listen to Duncan Krassikoff’s TranScribe device
Power Plant  Reactor Room   3845 
 Life Support Storage Room   Read the note in the Oxygen Flow Control Room
 Life Support Security Safe   Read a note near the body of Erica Teague
 Bridge Captain’s Loft Bridge Safe   Move a book on the desk in the Captain’s Loft to find a note


That’s all the Prey keycodes and safe codes we’ve discovered so far, but there may be more we missed. If you need a specific code note listed here, please leave a comment and we’ll track it down for you!

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