If you wondered how to siphon gas and get more gas in Project Zomboid, then our guide will help you do exactly that.

Project Zomboid: How to Siphon Gas and Get More Gas

If you wondered how to siphon gas and get more gas in Project Zomboid, then our guide will help you do exactly that.

You need gas for a myriad of things in Project Zomboid, from starting cars and fuel generators to crafting a handful of items. But you’ve got to know how to get it first, which can be troublesome when you’re new to the game.

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Our guide will provide you with all the info you need on how to siphon gas and how to get more gas in Project Zomboid. You will also learn what is the best way to store gas, since you’ll be getting more than you need at a time.

How to Siphon Gas in Project Zomboid

Siphoning gas from vehicles and gas pumps is one of the most widespread methods of getting gas in Project Zomboid.

In order to siphon gas you need to obtain gas cans, and plenty of them. You can then store them at your base, but finding gas cans and siphoning gas will always be on your agenda in the game.

You can usually find gas cans inside the following locations:

  • Tool sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Car trunks
  • Garages
  • Trash cans

These are only the main places, but they can pop up almost anywhere. Just keep looking for them regardless of your position.

Sometimes you will find gas cans full of fuel, which is great, because you can simply fill your gas tank without having to siphon gas from anywhere else. But if you found an empty gas can, then here’s what you need to do in order to siphon gas:

  1. Approach a car or gas pump
  2. Press “V” key to open radial menu
  3. Select “Siphon Gas” option

Note that a gas pump needs to be connected to a source of power, otherwise you will not be able to siphon gas. A vehicle also must not have an empty gas tank, or you will not be able to siphon gas.

Once you have a full gas can, you can repeat the same steps as above to refuel your car or generator. Instead of “Siphon Gas”, choose “Refuel” on the radial menu.

How to Get More Gas in Project Zomboid

Scouting Filling Stations

While siphoning gas from vehicles is a viable option for getting more fuel, there are other more sustainable alternatives in Project Zomboid.

Players will find out that filling stations containing gas pumps have a lot more fuel. For example, just one such gas pump can contain somewhere between 500 and 700 fuel units.

Currently, there are three companies that have many filling stations in the game:

  • Fossoil
  • Gas 2 Go
  • Thunder Gas

Although, the biggest of them all is the Fossoil company, any filling station you find will have at least one gas pump. You can find these filling stations at the following locations with exact coordinates:

  • Muldraugh
    • 10625, 9762
    • 10663, 10625
    • 10661, 10625
  • Riverside
    • 5418, 5869
    • 6083, 5309
  • Rosewood
    • 8164, 11266
    • 8297, 12224
  • West Point
    • 11824, 6870
    • 12078, 7142
    • 11824, 6870
  • Dixie
    • 11603, 8309
    • 11508, 8831
    • 5467, 9709
  • March Ridge
    • 10144, 12791
  • Valley Station
    • 13737, 5654

You can refuel your vehicle directly by parking it next to gas pump, if it has power. Otherwise, you need to bring generator in order for gas pump to work.

In case you have no time for flirting with gas pumps, gas cans, generators or vehicles, then you can use the Necroforge mod. It allows you to simply spawn any desirable items in the game, including items that are full of gas.

Crafting Biodiesel

With the help of another mod called Hydrocraft, players can craft their own biodiesel, which functions the same as gas.

Once you install the mod, you will get the Biodiesel textbook containing the blueprint for building Wooden Washtub with Raw Biodiesel.

The recipe for crafting biodiesel involves the following ingredients available in the game:

  • Latex/Rubber Gloves
  • Pot of Cooked Vegetable Oil
  • Safety Glasses
  • Wooden Spatula
  • Wooden Washtub with Methoxide
Storing Gas

You can fill up many gas cans with extra fuel from gas pumps, but you may find out that this will require you to store a lot of gas cans, which can be quite inconvenient.

The best way to store extra gas is by using the Fuel API mod, which is available in Steam for free. This simple mod will allow you to store gas inside large barrels instead of small gas cans.

Now you know how to siphon gas and how to get more gas in Project Zomboid. If you were looking for a way to hotwire a car in Project Zomboid, then simply follow the link.

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