VHS tapes in Project Zomboid can be hard to come by. Here are some tips to help you find them.

Project Zomboid VHS Tapes: Where to Find Them All

VHS tapes in Project Zomboid can be hard to come by. Here are some tips to help you find them.

VHS tapes in Project Zomboid are incredibly useful, allowing players to learn and develop skills by watching them. Things such as hotwiring, metalworking, and first aid are just some of the skills you can gain experience points in from watching these, but where do you get them? In this article, we’ll break it down for you.

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Where to Find All VHS Tapes in Project Zomboid

There are two types of VHS tapes in Project Zomboid: home VHS tapes and retail VHS tapes.

Home VHS tapes are a lot more unpredictable in their spawning, and each one can only spawn a single time in the world, so seeking out a specific one can be extremely time-consuming.

Retail VHS tapes can have many duplicates and are much more easy to find, spawning in VHS stores throughout the world.

Home VHS Tapes

There is unfortunately no easy way to get home VHS tapes. Be sure to search every wardrobe, table, and desk in every house you scavenge.

Check inside the glove boxes, and on top of seats in vehicles, as these are also potential spawning locations for home VHS tapes. 

Retail VHS Tapes

Retail VHS tapes can be found in VHS stores throughout the world, of which there are six in total. These six locations are in set places, making searching for these sorts of tapes substantially less annoying.

The six locations are detailed below, and are identifiable by the “Hit Vids” signs at the storefronts.

Louisville VHS Tapes

Louisville contains half of all of the VHS stores in the game; three in total. One can be found right next to the Econoroons Motel on the west side, by the Chapelmount Downs Horse Track.

A second store can be found at the far north of Louisville, directly across the street from Eden’s Oasis, as part of a strip mall.

The third and final Louisville store is part of a separate strip mall in the northeast corner of the map, between Window and Kegsplosion, across the street from the Grand Ohio Mall.

Riverside VHS Tapes

At the west end of Riverside, in the same general area as the Spiffo’s, police station, gas station, you can find the VHS store beside a playground.

Muldraugh VHS Tapes

At the south end of Muldraugh, right next to the police station, you can find this region’s one and only VHS store.

March Ridge VHS Tapes

In the center of the town, sharing a parking lot with the doctor’s office, you can find the final VHS store.

How to Use VHS Tapes in Project Zomboid

VHS tapes are used with televisions. Right-click on a TV as though you were to use it normally, then drag your tape onto it from your inventory, then click Play to watch it.

Doing so will reduce your character’s boredom, and can also provide skill experience points if if happens to be a Skill Tape. 

All Skill Tapes, and their associated skills are listed below:

Project Zomboid Skill Tapes

Retail VHS Skill Tapes

  • The Cook Show E1 – Cooking + Cake Batter Recipe
  • The Cook Show E2 – Cooking
  • The Cook Show E3 – Cooking
  • The Cook Show E4 – Cooking
  • The Cook Show E5 – Cooking
  • The Cook Show E6 – Cooking
  • The Cook Show E7 – Cooking + Pie Dough Recipe
  • Woodcraft E1 – Carpentry
  • Woodcraft E2 – Carpentry
  • Woodcraft E3 – Carpentry
  • Woodcraft E4 – Carpentry
  • Woodcraft E5 – Carpentry
  • Woodcraft E6 – Carpentry
  • Woodcraft E7 – Carpentry
  • Exposure Survival E1 – Fishing + Fishing Rod Recipe
  • Exposure Survival E2 – Fishing
  • Exposure Survival E3 – Farming
  • Exposure Survival E4 – Carpentry
  • Exposure Survival E5 – Carpentry and Foraging
  • Exposure Survival E6 – Trapping + Trap Crate Recipe
  • Exposure Survival E7 – Foraging
  • Exposure Survival E8 – Carpentry
  • Carzone E1 – Mechanics
  • Carzone E2 – Mechanics
  • Carzone E3 – Mechanics

Home VHS Skill Tapes

  • OSCC ’92 – Mechanics
  • stock cars – Mechanics
  • Granny Nani – Tailoring
  • Tailoring 101 – Tailoring
  • nof vid – Metalworking + Metal Roof Recipe and Metal Wall Recipe
  • no 9 – Metalworking + Metal Fence Recipe
  • Muldraugh AV Club – Electrical + Makeshift Radio Recipe
  • TV repair – Electrical
  • RMFA – First Aid
  • Combat Wound Management – First Aid

That’s just about everything you need to know about obtaining and using VHS tapes in Project Zomboid. If you’re interested in learning anything more about this game, consider checking out our other Project Zomboid guides!

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