Radical Heights Green Screen and Flickering Fix Guide

It's hard to play a match with a constantly flickering green screen, but with a few settings changes, you can easily fix this Radical Heights bug!

It's hard to play a match with a constantly flickering green screen, but with a few settings changes, you can easily fix this Radical Heights bug!

Look out, Fortnite and PUBG, because you’ve got some extreme early access competition from Radical Heights, which aims to dethrone the battle royale champs with some tweaks to the formula and a fun new color scheme.

Arriving after just five months of development to jump on the battle royale bandwagon as quickly as possible, Radical Heights obviously features its fair share of bugs and unoptimized gameplay at the moment. Don’t expect a fully stable AAA game just yet, as this one is still very much baking in the oven.

If you’ve been experiencing the obnoxious Radical Heights green flickering screen issues, we’ve got a potential solution for you so you can try out this innovative take on the genre as intended!

Fixing Radical Heights Green Screen/Flickering Screen Bugs

Recalling the infamous Windows blue screen of death, the Radical Heights green screen bug causes your monitor to either flicker with random flashes of green or even just go solid green and stay that way. The flickering in particular is more than just a little annoying, and it seems to make some players actively nauseated (a seizure warning should definitely be included).

At the moment, this particular bug seems to be tied to the windowed or full-screen mode settings. The exact change to fix the bug can vary between graphics card and monitor setups, but all solutions revolve around changing the same basic setting.

From the main game menu before joining a match, head into Options and navigate to the third tab (the one with the TV screen icon) and scroll down to the options labeled Main Menu Window Mode and In Match Window Mode.

If you have the green flickering issue, it means you need to change these two options to something else besides their base setting. Setting the options to Borderless Windowed seems to fix the issue for most monitor setups. Be sure to change both settings to the same option, however, or you will cause even more problems.

While you may have higher latency in Borderless Windowed mode, that’s just the price to pay to avoid the never-ending flickering that is sure to distract you during a match. Staying with either normal Full Screen or normal Windowed seems to cause the most green screen flickering problems for this version of the game, although in some cases, switching to Windowed does give a better visual experience overall and better latency.

Expect the issue to get patched out at some point, but for now, changing this setting is the only surefire way to get a stable match without the constant green flickering.

Since the game isn’t optimized for all rigs at the moment, you can also get better Radical Heights FPS and solve some of the existing graphical glitches by manually setting the View Distance Quality, Anti Aliasing Quality, Shadow Quality, Texture Quality, Screen Space Reflection, Effects Quality, and Post Process Quality all down to the Low option.

options screen in Radical Heights Changing the Radical Heights borderless window mode (thanks to BulletGang45 for the screenshot)

Now that you’ve got the game working properly with the Radical Heights best settings (or at least working as well as extreme early access can be expected to…), be sure to also check out our Radical Heights beginner’s strategy guide here.

When the bugs are worked out, this is actually a really entertaining take on the battle royale style, with some needed changes that create a persistence between matches that is currently missing from the bigger games in the genre.

Have you experienced any other Radical Heights bugs or graphics glitches yet that we didn’t cover here? Let us know the problem you’re having, and we’ll look for a solution!

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