Rainbow Six Extraction: Best Weapons

These are the best weapons in Rainbow Six: Extraction. Add them to your loadout now.

These are the best weapons in Rainbow Six: Extraction. Add them to your loadout now.

The best weapons in Rainbow Six Extraction will be your saving grace against some of the more difficult Incursions and sub-zones. The last thing you want is to be caught under-armed for any battle or gunfight (some chimera shoot back, after all).

This Rainbow Six Extraction guide outlines the best weapons in the game. Put these in your arsenal first, come to grips with R6E‘s gameplay, and then experiment with other loadouts.

The Best Weapons in Rainbow Six Extraction

HK 417 

The best way to avoid being overrun in Rainbow Six Extraction is to take out your enemies without being seen. Enter the HK417, the first entry on our best weapons list. It’s a high-powered sniper rifle that can be equipped with high zoom optics and a suppressor to silence your shots.

Its range is long enough to eliminate Archaeans and chimera outside their visual range, and its stopping power means you can easily fire lethal shots through thin walls, taking out enemies and nests while remaining out of sight.  


Light machine guns are some of the best weapons for laying down suppressive fire on enemies, chimera included. That’s a critical ability to have if your objective in an Incursion involves defending something from an onslaught of enemies.

Holding a point is child’s play when you have the 150-round magazine of high-powered rounds provided by the LMGE. The sustained fire can eliminate crowds in a hurry and is great at chipping away at the health of elite enemies, landing it on our best weapons list.


Among the various shotguns in Rainbow Six Extraction, the M590A1 stands as one of the best weapons in the category. It has the power to eliminate standard enemies in a single shot. The force of the blow also has the power to stagger elite enemies, making it a great boss slayer.

You can even use the M590A1 to blast holes in certain walls, opening new paths for you and your squad to traverse. Sure, it’s a bit loud, but that’s part of the charm. 


The AK74 is the perfect middle-ground gun, but it’s also one of R6E‘s best weapons. It has decent range, damage, and rate of fire. While it doesn’t excel in any one area, the versatility of this weapon means you can bring it on any Incursion and get good results when completing any objective.

You can toggle different rates of fire and add a suppressor for stealthy approaches. It’s a jack-of-all-trades that rewards skillful shooting.

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