Use this tips and tricks guide to dominate the competition in Realm Royale, Hi-Rez Studios' new battle royale game!

Realm Royale Beginner’s Guide: Becoming a Battle Royale Ninja

Use this tips and tricks guide to dominate the competition in Realm Royale, Hi-Rez Studios' new battle royale game!

Realm Royale from Hi-Rez studios is the newest battle royale on the block. Currently in alpha, now’s the perfect time to jump in and figure out the best winning tactics — and how the game works — before servers get overloaded (Ninja’s playing it, so that probably won’t be long).

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The game does have several differences from PUBG and Fortnite. You’re not building anything complex in which to defend yourself, and you’re not taking bullet drop into account. You’re playing a new, unique experience where you won’t know every little detail as soon as you jump in.

Knowing that, here’s some advice to consider the next time you find yourself making your next superhero landing into the Realm!

Always Have A Supportive Ability Equipped

The five classes in Realm Royale have four different abilities you can choose from, and you can have two abilities equipped at all times. While the classes have unique powers, many of them have supportive abilities designed to keep you and your team alive. Some classes have more than one supporting ability, so discuss with your team what you need to equip to optimize your team composition.

A warrior holds a pistol and kneels behind a shield in Realm Royale

Here’s a class list of supportive items you’ll want to keep your eye out for:

  • Flask of Healing: Throw a healing flask on the ground and give health to your allies in a small area. This works great during an active firefight if someone needs heals, and they can’t disengage to pop a potion. It also works for yourself, too!

    Shielding Potion: Like the Flask of Healing, you throw a flask on the ground to grant your allies, or yourself, a shield for a brief period of time. Again, another optimal ability to have up your sleeve in the middle of an engagement. It doesn’t last long, though, so keep that in mind. 

  • Barricade: You deploy a shield to block enemy fire. This is an excellent ability to cover a building’s entrance and give your teammates a few seconds to recover their health or armor.

    Healing Totem: This places a totem down and heals your allies for a few seconds in the immediate area. If you double this with the Barricade ability, your allies can focus on using armor potions and save their health potions for later.

  • Sensor Drone: You toss a small drone that sticks to a surface and reveals any nearby enemies for five seconds. Every team will want an Assassin to have this equipped so they move against any well-positioned enemy squad.
  • Wall: This summons a protective wall up from the ground. It works similarly to the Engineer’s Barricade ability, but it doesn’t provide as much cover.
  • Flare: You fire a flare and reveal enemies in a large area. This works just like the Assassin’s Sensor Drone, though it covers a larger area.

Remember, while Realm Royale is a battle royale game, the developers want you to work with other classes in your squad! Communicate with your teammates and figure out what abilities you want to grab. Every ability provides an opportunity to tip fights in your favor.

Use The Forge And Craft Multiple Items

There are multiple forges all over the Realm Royale map, and you need to take advantage of them to get the edge on other players. You can carry up to 200 shards at a time. 

The forge options menu shows choices, their forge times, and shard costs

When you get there, use as many shards as you have on you. However, make crafting your legendary weapon your top priority, because while armor helps a lot, you don’t want to give your enemies the chance to fire back at you! 

Once you get the first item going, don’t stop there. How many shards do you have left? What else can you craft? A forge can have multiple items going at the same time at a single location. Craft your items within seconds of each other! But remember, you can only craft one of each item at a single forge – so don’t stick around once you’ve finished everything!

It’s important to note that potions take 30 seconds to make and the other items take a full 60 seconds. If you have to rush out of there, at least leave with a handful of potions.

You do not have to sit at the forge fire to craft your items, either. You can wander around the building as much as you’d like. Use this to your advantage, because your enemies may be drawing closer. 

When you craft an item, smoke lights up from the top of the forge and gives away your position. Rally your teammates to cover the entire area — and make sure you’re ready to grab your items at a moment’s notice!

Realm Royale Fake Out!

Use the smoke from the forge as a strategic call sign!

As the storm circle gets smaller and smaller, coordinate with your teammates to continually gather shards throughout your journey. This way, when you’re all geared up and have the best items at your disposal, you can set a trap at the final forge by crafting a bogus item. This way you’ll trick other players into revealing their positions.

When they run in to rush your position, ambush them — they’ll never expect it.

A Mage looks up at the smoke coming from a forge

This tactic won’t always work since the circle remains a random mistress, but keep this in mind the next time the circle wraps around a small city and you see a forge somewhere inside it. However, be careful, your enemies might think of the same ploy.

Do your best to patiently approach any situation to ensure you’re the last team standing.

Jump Down On Your Enemies and Damage Them

The superhero landing in Realm Royale not only looks cool, but it serves an excellent purpose in the game. You can use it as an attack and deal a lot of damage to your enemies.

You do this by optimizing your character’s jump ability. Not every class can do this, though. Only the Warrior, the Engineer, and the Mage can.

So how do you pull off a superhero landing? Essentially, you’ll want to perform a basic jump, and then at the full height of it, activate your jump ability. This sends you straight up into the air, and if you don’t hit anything on the way down, you can land on enemies and do some damage.

A mage performs a superhero jump down

Keep in mind, however, that there are several disadvantages to performing this attack. When you land, you’ll find it takes about a second to recover from the impact. A skilled enemy may use this opportunity to hit you with a melee weapon or an ability if you didn’t turn them into a chicken first.

Another is the fact you’re probably away from your allies.

Picking a time to execute this air assault is critical. The best moment to do this is likely when you’ve already hit your enemy several times from afar and they’re now attempting to disengage from the fight. Definitely reserve this attack for a finishing move or an ambush where your allies can support you.

This attack is not a good idea when you’re playing alone.

You Cannot Shoulder Swap

You’ll find this as frustrating as you find it in FortniteRealm Royale does not have a shoulder swap button, and there’s no way to perform one.

As a result, you need to plan your long distance engagements against other players. They’ll have a different perspective of you, and you don’t want to leave yourself exposed. If you suddenly get shot and you can’t locate the shooter, it’s better to pull away. You can find plenty of potions to patch yourself up and return later — if you survive. 

A hunter kneels in Realm Royale building as she aims a rifle toward mountains in the distance

There’s no worse feeling than dying to someone who barely had you in their line of sight. Sometimes you can’t see them because an obstacle obstructs your vision and they get the better of you. 

Check your sights constantly and never give your enemy an advantage over you.

These tips should keep you and your squad alive longer in Realm Royale — or better yet, secure a win. Because the game was just released, you can expect these tactics to change as the developers tweak weapons, abilities, and mechanics. 

For more information about Realm Royale’s development, keep it here at GameSkinny. 

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