Redeeming Glitching Infinite Warfare Bullethawk Codes

Can't properly redeem your Bullethawk or Hellstorm packs? You aren't the only one...

Can't properly redeem your Bullethawk or Hellstorm packs? You aren't the only one...

It happens every time like clockwork. A huge AAA game like Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare arrives, and whether there was a huge beta test or not, something isn’t going to work properly on release day.

From Steam users not being able to launch the game on PC at all to pre-order content not unlocking for console players, there’s a host of Infinite Warfare bugs and glitches currently being experience.

And the Bullethawk codes are just one example. Lots of players have had issues with redeeming them. There isn’t much that can really be done about the issue until Activision steps in and patches it, but there are some steps you can take to try and work around it. 

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Redeeming Bullethawk Pack Codes

The Bullethawk and Hellstorm personalization packs came with certain pre-order bundles (like if you got the digital deluxe version via the PS Store or bought physical editions through EB or Gamestop).

These packs were intended to offer immediate access to new animated weapon camos, player emblems, reticules, and maps without having to unlock anything in-game the old fashioned way. Of course, what was intended isn’t what actually happened in this flopping launch.

You were supposed to be able to redeem these packs at the official Call Of Duty website starting this morning after the game’s official launch. Problem is, this doesn’t appear to be working for a significant number of players.

While a few people have gotten their codes through without issue, the message boards are currently flooded with people complaining of a “Code Invalid” error message, indicating there’s clearly a problem on Activision’s side of things.

An Activision employee has issued a preliminary statement online that the issue is known and is being worked on, so it looks like you have to sit tight until the problem is resolved.

A few people have had success getting codes working (or being sent new codes) by contacting support directly for their specific platform though.

For now that’s all you can do other than sit and wait for Activision to get it sorted out. When specific instructions for a fix arrive, we’ll update this page with more info as the bug gets addressed. If any of you manage to find a workaround, please let us know!

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